Noida – Can we do something more?

Yesterday, on return from the doctor, I found the Noida Authority (NA) men carrying out the repairing of the service road in front of our residences. I couldn’t understand how and why had it chosen those places. The contractor had neither scrubbed the base nor the mix was proper. Shouldn’t someone from the block represent and supervise the work so that the money is well spent? NA and its engineers hardly bother, as the contractors do take care of their demands in advance. Every block is having some retired civil engineers whose services can be easily sought for. Resident Welfare Association (RWA) or NA may create a panel and request them before taking up the task. Only few months ago, NA had carried out similar repair and all the stone chips had come out. Perhaps the bitumen was not of the desired quality or specified ratio was not maintained or the road rollers didn’t compress it properly. Should there be no supervision on such work? Even after my request to call the supervisor or contractor, no one came.

Every morning, I am sure, many of the residents coming out for walk face two other menaces or nuisance that RWA can look into and find some solutions. I find sweepers cleaning the road and generating a lot of dust in process. Can’t they be a little more careful? Can’t there be a better way for sweeping that minimizes the dust creations? Can our intelligent residents come out some ideas? Do we not feel suffocated while walking on the road as well as in the park? However, why should it be done only when the people are out for a morning walk or early shift at work? After all none of the sweepers is working for more than 2 hours a day. Long back I suggested if RWA could empower them with some extra work as gardener or security men and call them housekeeping hands.

The usual way of disposing the fallen leaves and other wastes followed by the sweepers is by the burning them. That creates a lot of unbearable smoke and adds to the smog that we see all day around. I feel it must be stopped immediately. Instead the waste such as leaves can be placed in a pit dug in every park of the block and transformed into organic manure. The technology is already available with the waste management group. We all know how the dust and smog in atmosphere tripped even the national grid.

And the next in the list of nuisances is the group of stray dogs that we are to face everywhere we go. Last month I had my American daughter-in-law with us and she was just shocked to see them. She asked, “Why can’t they be sterilized to gradually reduce their population”. I didn’t have any answer. I assume Delhi government has taken up some programme. I wish NA also took up the project. I have an alternative suggestion, though in lighter vein. Why not NA contacts some Chinese importer for the dogs, as they still consume them? It helps solving our problem and meets the food shortage of the billion strong Chinese.

Finally through this medium I have an appeal for the doctors in the sectors to show some compassion and visit at least the patients in their own sector if they are called. After all the residents are the own neighbours of doctors, some very old too and not the terrorists that they should be scared. I wish the RWA also appealed them through the newsletter.

I wish RWA and NA take the suggestions in right spirit.

PS: However, many things are changing for better. Shakti Mandir in Sector 40 is now having board declaring ‘Begging is crime’. And it seems, they have left the place.

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