Holy Holi Holee

This is one day when I get into reverse mode and my thought invariably moves down the memory lane. I was never a great Holi enthusiast. But I enjoyed it. From the childhood days, I get reminded of the big crowd that used to get collected in our family residence courtyard at Pipra. Morning used to be for the dirty holi. But the afternoon was full with dry coloured, sometimes scented powders. The more enjoying part was the spirited folk singing of Phagua. After the distribution of sweets, the groups used to move singing and stopping at different spots around the village through different narrow wide lanes ending at midnight at an old mound that we used to call ‘garh’. The last song used to be Chaaita before the crowd dispersed. Ashok, my cousin who works in railways in Vadodara is in village. Most from the villages of Bihar who are working in distant places try to reach the village on this occasion. Many a times it creates a real chaos on all the railway stations.

I fail to understand why I don’t remember much of holis of school days at Birlapur; perhaps it was because of my over involvement in studies with no friend circle at all. I do have wonderful memory of the holi at Eden Hindu Hostel of Presidency College in 1956-57 and particularly of the bath in the swimming pool of College Square.

Some of the most exciting holis I remember from the HM days. Somehow I had started taking lead and used to pull out others from their residences. But the biggest enthusiast was Late Rath and his party. I do also remember of one bhang session at one of my colleagues place one year and its terrific experience. But all that are part of history. Today we are living alone in Noida. Our social circle is very small.

Urmi, Prachi and Manisha with Yamuna (left) Yamuna with Singh family Mrs Singh and two daughters-in-law(Right)

Today Yamuna was the first to put colour on me while I was on worshipping session, so I could return only after I got up. But before that Urmi, Prach and Manisha had a session with Yamuna. She enjoys it the most. She had been singing holi songs since morning. As the maids had taken off, only after Yamuna completed her kitchen session that was something special today with pua and duum, we went to our advocate friend Mr. YK Singh who had all his family of two sons with him today. We really enjoyed both- colours as well as tasty sweets and dahiphalla.

Sanjay in our neighbourhood has come to be with her widow mother from US. He dropped in and then came AK Singh who worked for me in Harig. And thus the holi ends.

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