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Powering India-1

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. : The Culprit Can Reign As per many reports recently, India remains starved of electricity, as Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL), the sole power equipment manufacturing public sector unit in India couldn’t supply the plant machinery. … Continue reading

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A BBC Film Documents India’s Math Contribution

I went through this news report today that raised many questions in my mind. I am sure that many must have provided the answers of the queries raised by me today BBC is filming a documentary film ‘The Story of … Continue reading

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Bihar Must Focus on Education

It is nice that Bihar government, particularly CM with support from the centre could get a number of educational institutes initialised during last one year or two that can bring a sea change in the state. I consider it a … Continue reading

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Shocking India

Sometimes I wonder why do I provide only the rosy pictures from India in my ‘Booming and Bubbling India’ series. Perhaps one reason is that there are many to provide shocking silly happenings in the country. However, there are occasions … Continue reading

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An Appeal to CM, Bihar

I went through some reports about the conflicts and sent an appeal to Bihar’s CM. Dear Nitishji, A report regarding the conflict between your government and the central ministers are cause of concerns of many well-wishers of Bihar, who live … Continue reading

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Booming and Bubbling India-IX

While the enemies of the nation are getting emotionally involved in acts of terror, and that too on foreign land, India and Indians at home are trying to push the boom ahead in many fields in many ways. Sensex makes … Continue reading

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Strangely Americans Work without Holidays

Even with my three sons and their wives working in US, I did not know that in US, an employee does not get any mandatory annual holidays with full pay. According to the report, compiled by the Washington-based Centre for … Continue reading

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Doubtful China’s Quality

I have been writing about the quality of the Chinese products for long. When I was in US, my children used to joke that whenever I was in any shopping center I kept on moving around looking at the tags … Continue reading

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Noida- Unscrupulous by Nature

On a relaxed Sunday a month and half ago, I returned home after my morning walk. My wife informed that someone had come and asked me to attend a meeting of the Block A residents in Park at 6.30 PM. … Continue reading

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Innovation -The Only Winning Way for Manufacturing Sector

I am quoting below (in Box) a story by Matthew May, a former senior advisor to Toyota University, the author of The Elegant Solution: Toyota’s Formula for Mastering Innovation, and the director of the innovation firm Aevitas. It appears in … Continue reading

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