An Appeal to CM, Bihar

I went through some reports about the conflicts and sent an appeal to Bihar’s CM.

Dear Nitishji,

A report regarding the conflict between your government and the central ministers are cause of concerns of many well-wishers of Bihar, who live outside the state. We get a shock after reading these news, as these are not such as some of the funny stories of some unscrupulous fakes are making news stories on some TV news cannels that we can overlook.

According to reports, ‘Bihar has emerged as the largest non-complying state with 36 districts not complying with the norms for Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY), seven districts not complying with Indira Aawas Yojana (IAY) norms and 10 districts where proposals for district rural development agency (DRDA) administration have not been received. As a result, the Centre has withheld the release of the first instalment of funds for the current year.’

‘The Bihar Government has written to the Centre saying that it no longer requires the services of Central agencies entrusted to implement the scheme. It is all because RJD leaders, particularly Union Rural Development Minister Raghuvansh Prasad Singh claimed credit for the scheme and often accused the state Government of not being pro-active. As reported, the State Government wrote to the Centre last month that it had enhanced its road building capacity and Central agencies need not start new works. “State Governments are doing it everywhere. The Central agencies were not efficient in any case,” claims Nand Kishore Yadav, state Road Constructions Minister.’

‘However, the enormity of the task is such that the state Government could have used its “enhanced capacity” along with that of the Central agencies. The PMGSY target is to connect all villages with a population above 1,000 to a main road. Bihar has to build 25,000 km by 2009 to meet the target of Bharat Nirman. Central agencies have finished only 1,200 km and work was under way on another 5,800 km.’

I wish the reports were wrong. Why can’t ego of the politicians be kept under control in interest of the people of Bihar? All are looking to you to present a new image of Bihar and Bihari politician. Be a real statesman, taller than all that Bihar has produced till date and give the right lead. Let not some sycophants mislead you. Both of you should pull together and serve the home state. Let the work go with quality and at unprecedented speed. The people will give the credit to the deserving person and not to one who speaks loudly.

The whole world is watching your performance. Your achievements have been rated well. Let these development plans make the largest number of the people of Bihar be benefited directly or indirectly. Let there be more world class schools, science colleges, and other professional institutes. If Andhra can have 200 plus engineering colleges, why can’t Bihar? As an engineer yourself you can appreciate and do it what others have failed.

I was really so happy to read the news that you are setting up a help line to aid our brothers and sisters of Bihar ancestry in Mauritius who are trying to know about their ancestors and villages. I wish you should not mind my suggestion.

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