Noida- Unscrupulous by Nature

On a relaxed Sunday a month and half ago, I returned home after my morning walk. My wife informed that someone had come and asked me to attend a meeting of the Block A residents in Park at 6.30 PM. Since last year, I avoid these meetings, as I find them as useless. But in evening my advocate friend, YP Singh perhaps wanted a company and so dropped in to take me to the meeting. As usual, it took more than an hour that some 20-25 residents got collected. The meeting started. After the latest change in the constitution of RWA regarding the election of executives, the block didn’t get any representative. The President of RWA has agreed to get a person from the Block nominated. The meeting was called to select a person to represent the Block A so that the problems of the block could be taken up in the meeting of the RWA (Residents Welfare Association).

Surprisingly, even after my showing hesitation, all the residents present in the meeting unanimously selected me to represent them. I asked the organizer of the meeting to send the minutes of the meeting with this decision and the signature of the attendees to the President. I can only consider myself a representative if the President invites me based on the will of the people of the block. As informed, it was done in the following week. Once in between someone stopped me while I was coming back from my walk and asked if I have withdrawn my name as representative. I denied.

Today in the morning I found the latest newsletter from the RWA President giving a number of information. The newsletter also had names of Block representatives. But the representative of our block was Chopra. Chopra was the gentle man who most vocally went for my name on that Sunday meeting. He didn’t think it his duty to inform me about the development himself that he could have done. I would not have called him unscrupulous.

Perhaps, the builder President of the RWA feels more comfortable with a builder to represent our block instead of an IITian with 42 years of experience as senior executive with many ideas that can help the sector. Is it a usual case of inferiority complex in leaders who prefer to work with sycophants?

However, my interest to be representative was to take up certain issues that are dear to me, may be to many other residents too, officially with the executives of RWA and Noida Authority:

Monthly subscription and cable rental: As for many retired residents the finance is constraint, RWA must explore all possibilities to cut down the subscription (Rs 150 per month) as well as the high rental of the cable operators (Rs 310 per month).

Library: An enthusiast resident, Sanjay Sehgal has discovered the library plot in the sector and is trying to help building the library. The story got published in ‘Sambad’ as well as ‘Noida Plus’ of TOI. RWA must pursue it honestly and earnestly. It can get the sector an important landmark.

Integration of Agahpur village:
Instead of looking down upon the villagers and creating the strong dividing wall, the RWA must take all possible initiative for its inclusive growth and integrating it with the sector.

Web of the sector: It was nice to read the last President’s newsletter that has already a mention of that. It must come fast. It must be interactive to solve residents’ problems and provide the transparency of accounts of the RWA.

Playground for children: It is unfortunate that the master plan of the Noida Authority doesn’t take care of this very important need of the community. But it is possible even now. RWA must take it up to create as some playground in the different blocks as it is possible on the vacant plots.

An aesthetically designed boundary wall: that provides safety of the residents without appearing as an eyesore.

Better involvement of residents particularly at block levels as the sector is too big to have a desirable level of fellowship.

Will it happen? I am sure it will. And my friends in executive committee will take it up seriously.

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