Controversial Land Acquisition Bill: Some View

Land Acquisition Bill for fertile agricultural land
1.(A) must restrict the temptation by the entrepreneur to demand adhoc and excessive land for the facility. (B)The facility must explore multi flooring and modular for future expansion. (C)The company must not treat the land as its property to make money in future, as it has happened with closed units that was leased huge amount of land by then government almost free, as it happened with factories of Hindustan Motors.

2.Landownership for infrastructure such as port, road or irrigation canals must for all the time remain with central government with a special police department to eliminate encroachment with strict laws for encroachment.

3. Highways must have plantation only on the dividing spaces of the up and down lanes and not on sides to accommodate future widening without uprooting the trees.

4. Encroachment law must ensure the avoidance of mushrooming of unauthorised structures on government land. Building for an off the road infrastructure of utility must be the part of built in initial design. No filthy future construction along the road on both sides must be part of road planning. This can avoid of building of bypasses again and again after some years and the huge social cost.

5. Rural housing of BPL categories must be on government land and high rising units of two sizes with common quality infrastructure, otherwise it is only creating future eyeshore. Multi storied structures may also result in better social equity and integration. BPL families must be encouraged to plant trees of commercial and own it to provide them some security. All around big metros huge multi-storied dormitories are built with all infrastructure facilities to accommodate flux of migrant workers to avoid mushrooming of shanties and future unauthorised colonies.

6. Vast fowl land on the side of highways should be used for industrial clusters instead of fertile agriculture land. For example, a good use of such land was made to build first IIT in Kharagpur. Tata Motors would have preferred to use that type of land instead of selecting Singur.

I wish many such anomalies are considered to save the nation’s limited fertile land

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