An Open Letter to Prime Minister Modi

The media is flooding with the wish lists of action plans and dreams for Modi. Let me add some of mine.

1. At the outset , let all your ministers understand and appreciate that you do not have five years to be judged and voted again but much less a period. As the very first thing, let them all, your ministers and babus get all the ongoing projects moving at visibly greater urgency and speed.

2. You might have asked the ministers to list out what they can get completed in next hundred days. But as next item, your government must plan the projects and plans listing what you shall be completing by the end of the first, second, third and fourth years, all the backlogs of the previous year getting completed in the running year. The uncompleted ones at the end of the fourth year must get completed by the time the next election dates are announced. Otherwise, the people who are much more intelligent than assumed will get totally disenchanted about your ability of getting implemented the dreams you sell to them. They must get fruitful engagement to fulfil their aspirations.

3. Let each project be identified by measurable characteristics, numbers, miles, MWs, Expected Dates of Completion (EDC) etc. and never by sanctioned amounts.

4. The media is getting flooded with new promises: reduction of inflation, clearances of help up of infrastructure projects, announcements of hordes of model school, ITIs, one IITs, and AIIMS in every state, clean Ganga and even Yamuna flowing by Delhi, Mumbai-Delhi, Bangaluru-Chennai or Delhi-Kolkata industrial corridors, a 2BHK accommodation with toilet and electricity, and tapped water for all the poor, golden quadrilateral and NS and EW corridor converted to a minimum six-eight lane expressways and few additional ones such as Bangaluru, Mysore and Lucknow-Kanpur, high speed train services at least one between Mumbai and New Delhi, one important ant river interlinking project. But it will mean hardly any thing if people do not see work initiated fast and ultimately if it can not be completed by 2019. Why should any of projects take more than 5 years, if the planning and execution are managed scientifically and efficiently and the merits of those executing them are given preference?

5. Simultaneously, for controlling the main concern of continuing inflation, can you work for cutting down the number of middle men so called intermediary between the consumers or the endusers and producers or manufacturers, as these middlemen are only adding to the cost escalation without hardly ant value additions, beside impressing on the state government to act ruthlessly with hoarders.

6. While the exports of India’s high-tech, high-margin products need more encouragements and must get incentives, the unscrupulous traders must be counselled to encourage indigenous manufacturers and dissuaded firmly to cut on the import of poor quality household items just because they can sell all the junks in our huge consumer market. The government must involve big players in organised retails such as Reliance, Birlas, Mittals, Biyani’s Big Bazar or other brands such as Home Centres to encourage local manufacturers to innovate and produce globally competitive low tech household items that are in huge demands world over that can strengthen the country’s manufacturing sector. It is unfortunate that all these outlets along with thousands other smaller ones are engaged in importing and retailing only the cheap Chinese items of all sorts. Even the manufacturing OEMs in many sector such as even automobiles prefer to outsource its parts rather than getting them developed and procuring them from local parts manufacturers. Many have just turned assemblers with hardly any value additions.
(To be continued)

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