An open letter to the ministers and MPs from Bihar

An open letter to the ministers and MPs from Bihar

Nitish Kumar lost the track that he promised to develop Bihar after he broke the marriage with BJP. There is none in the state who can create hope in the aspiring youngsters. Will you do something positive to make Bihar proud of you? I have just few suggestions:

1. Help the long-stalled proposed Madhepura rail locomotive factory and the Rs 1,200-crore diesel locomotive factory in Marhowrah operative and running through your persistent interventions with the concerned ministries at the centre and at state level. It can bring Bihar on the map of industrialised states of the country, if the project chiefs are given autonomy and the companies are allowed to grow on sound management principles. Both the companies can a attract a large numbers of small companies around the factory sites as part suppliers, as a huge number of parts will be required by it. Both the places can develop as the clusters of industrial activities with a potential for a large employment.

2. As a basic initial requirement, please intervene with and facilitate the skill development ministry to get few ITIs established in or near the townships. Both the factories will require a good number of skilled persons.

3. Please use your clout in Delhi to facilitate the fast progress of the prestigious central government projects such as Nalanda International University and the two central universities.

4. Your help can also get World Heritage status for Vikramshila And Sasaram for its unique historical past.

5. And a foundation of all growth and development can be laid with establishment of maximum number of schools- Kendriya, Navodaya and Kasturba in rural Bihar.

6. Meet and Encourage the well known young entrepreneurs from IITs, IIMs or other institutions who are working already in Bihar in scaling up their operations.

The whole of Bihar is looking for a brighter future for Bihar and you can get them all. That will only ensure your winning spree in next challenges.

(For Union ministers — law and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, food and consumer affairs minister Ram Vilas Paswan, petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan, minister of state for rural development Upendra Kushwaha Radha Mohan Singh, minister of agriculture and MPs such as Rajiv Ruddy and a whole lot of them)
Sincerely, Indra R Sharma
(Presently in Cary, North Carolina, USA)

PS: If rightly handled, these companies may become one day one like GE, EMD of the US or China’s CSR and CNR. If the new government and its railway ministry so dream and incorporate a global standard R&D facility with the factories, it can beside meeting the domestic requirements can also be a big exporter. The facilities must be planned, manned and monitored with a high objective and all these can be realised.

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