Ethics and Politics with Some Mission

Earlier I heard of politics being dirty. Should it also be unethical? Should a political party be hundred percent engrossed in the politics that can take it to power? Should it not with thousands and sometimes millions of people following it, do something for the society besides winning election to occupy chairs to govern?

Five states including the country’s most populous state UP are going for state assembly elections. One can see some glimpses of how the Indian politics work.

Just before the election Ajit Singh, the son of C Charan Singh and a graduate engineer by qualification from IIT, Kharagpur joins with Congress, and in bargain becomes Aviation minister of the country. Why don’t the people behind Ajit Singh’s winning election understand his unprincipled actions till date?

Just before elections the Central government announces a policy of 4.5 % reservation out from OBC reservation for the minority community in education and job. Can’t the community understand the objective of such announcements? Instead, why can’t the Congress workers of the minority community work at grassroots level for improving education and skill training?

Interestingly, the government led by Congress announced a Rs3,124 crore package for irrigation projects of UP started in 1977-78 but not completed because of lack of funds just ahead of elections in the state and make it the national projects that make them eligible for 90% funding by the central government. Is it not a mockery of power and a blatant way of treating the people as fools?

But the funniest of all that has come from Congress and the governments is its new found love for Madan Mohan Malviya. The Ministry of Culture also joined the party with an advertisement. As reported, ‘Sonia Gandhi has expressed her desire to attend the inaugural event marking the 150th birth anniversary of Madan Mohan Malaviya, a pre-Independence Congress leader from Uttar Pradesh, when the state is inching towards elections.’ And one feels amazed that Sonia, her party and the government are discovering the political leaders of yester years to allure the people of their castes to vote for her party. With public honouring of Mahamanya Malviya, the target is Brahmins. I don’t know if Sonia knew even his name before this election. How is she better than Mayawati so far her love for Brahmins is concerned? Can there be anything more unethical than this?

I can only suggest the Congress party, particularly Rahul to go back in its history and take lessons from Mahatma Gandhi. Along with the fight for freedom, Gandhi worked on many grassroots level development work for khadi, sanitation, hygiene, and basic education. Rahul Gandhi must motivate, if necessary incenrivize, the educated young entrants to the Congress Party to work for social development with sanitation, education and rural job creation as mission and in process expand the Congress’ influence all over the country.

And I can again say that this model must be emulated by other political parties too.

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