Why Apple or Galaxy instead of Aakash for MPs?

I love my iPad. It’s the first model and was a gift from Anand. It has made my life easy. It’s so user-friendly particularly for reading document in any font suitable to my eyesight that has gone very poor. All 790 Members of Parliament in India have been granted 50,000 INR each to invest in either iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab in order to a tech savvy ambience in parliament and make them go paper free.

I and perhaps many like me really must be envying these MPs.

As I understand, each one of them must already be having a PC pr laptop provided by the tax payers’ money along with an employed assistant to operate them for their boss. I don’t know how much of that are used and for what purpose. What will be the use of this technically advanced but costly gadget for most of the MPs? Unfortunately the parliament secretariat would have studied the status of the parliamentarians so far the use of computer is concerned. However, some may just download Bhawarin Devi’s CD or their son’s marriage video on it. Alternatively, some younger ones in the loving family of the MPs may grab it. However, some will use it for using it for the massive amount of documentation an MP must deal with – files, reports, debates, question lists. It can also help them in researching on the various subjects that come up for discussions and debates in the parliament. I do also wish that some of the parliamentarians innovate some applications that could be used in the parliaments of even the other countries and prove their knowledge and intelligence.

But I have one more question. Why couldn’t the parliamentarians start with Aakash, India’s own innovated world’s most affordable tablet PC? Why didn’t Kapil Sibal sell this austerity measure to the MPs? MPs would have been trained in using Aakash with help of students and teachers of IIT, Rajasthan who participated in its innovation. And the gadget could have done all that an MP would have been required. It would have been at least somewhat India manufactured gadget and cost wise good enough even if MPs would have been able to use them.

Kapil has showcased Aakash to the world leaders at UNESCO and World Bank, and expressed his desire to make all central ministries use Aakash for their e-governance projects.

Why has the government agreed to reimburse the expenditure up to 50,000 to each MP? Why didn’t it appoint a tech company or Nandan Nilekani group to procure the gadgets to the right specification for the use of Indian MPs?

If we go by the reviews of Aakash in domestic as well as in the media of advanced nations after Kapil Sibal launched it for the student community of India, it has a lot of potentials for various applications. Its manufacturer is an inspired person though certainly not a Steve Job or has a team such one Steve had in Apple. Will the techies of IITs help the entrepreneur of Aaakash to make it world class and compete with others in market? Except for a brand value it can be a sought after gadgets for all the poorer countries and billions of its users. As on today, when I searched for ‘Aakash Tablet’ on Google, I instantly get 27,400,000 entries in less than a second.

Should the countrymen smell the possibility of some scam even in this project? Will the MPs just present a fake bill and get the payment against this head of their perks?

I still appeal to the authority deciding this perk for MPs to go for Aakash at lease certainly for those who are nit computer savvy already.

I am waiting eagerly to lay hand on one Aakash. Can someone arrange one for me? I dodn’t want it free and shall pay for it immediately.

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