Mamata Miracle- Can She bring back Bengal’s old glory?

Mamata Banerjee fought as an indefatigable one-man army for three decade against huge and brute left, bruised physically and defeated many a times. But what a performance she gave in a memorable final assault that will be historic in every respect! And finally today Mamata today enters Writers Building, the seat of power of West Bengal like a real queen extraordinary.

Two news reports make me a little morose as well as happy.

Perhaps politics prevailed. Mamata would have worked with a small efficient cabinet. It would have given a good signal that she means business. But Mamata preferred accommodating all the interest groups, Muslims, women, Scheduled Castes and giant-killers in her cabinet. But the people of Bengal will expect Mamata to be constantly watchful and make changes based on actual performance. She must fix time frames for each of her projects and the ministers concerned must meet it. It must build fast the perception for performing team.

The best part that I liked was the way she went to invite Budhha and his wife to join the oath ceremony. I would have loved if she would have gone herself gone to him.

She must act and speak miserly. I would love if she gives priority to rebuild the images of West Bengal’s great educational institutes- Calcutta University, Presidency College, BE College, Jadavpur University, Viswa Bharati Shanti Niketan and Calcutta Medical College and to make it into world class.

As reported, Mamata will be sworn in at the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata at 1.01 pm. I wish Mamata gets the best from its auspicious oath taking time that has been fixed for 1 minute past 1 o’clock by her well-wisher priest.

Let Mamata really become Goddess Lakshmi, Sarswati and Annapurna for the state as the first woman Chief Minister of West Bengal.

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