Raju, Raja and Kani- Crime, Punishment and Destiny

Years ago as a child, I read a story of Valmiki, the poet of the great epic Ramayana. Valmiki was a bad man. He looted and robbed. Once he met a hermit and tried to take away his belongings.

The hermit asked, “Why have you taken to this profession?”

Valmiki said, “To provide my family members with food and their other requirements”

“Do you know that whatever you are doing is sin and you will have to suffer for it and end up on hell after your death?”


‘Have you asked them if they will share your suffering?”


“Will you go and ask them?”

Valmilki went and asked. None agreed to share the suffering. His family was eager to share the fruits of his bad actions; they would not share his sins.

Valmiki got changed and Ramayana was born.

Why should the siblings of those charged of sucking from the national exchequer be allowed to enjoy on the wealth amassed by the parents or family heads in wrong way?

I wonder if an arrest and/ or jail for the persons such as Raju, Koda, Raja, Kalmadi or Kani, is good enough as a deterrent. I can very well appreciate the inconveniences of these persons about heat, toilet, cleanliness, and bed. But I think as a first thing all the bank accounts of near in the family must be freezed. The family members unless one has been living independently and earning, must be allowed to withdraw only a sustenance allowance to the extent of 15,000 – 20,000 per month. Why should they be using the money amassed in wrong way?

Nitish Kumar has already got a bill passed for confiscation of the properties of the corrupt bureaucrats. SC also has stayed any objection against the act. Even the Lokpal drafting committee is also planning to a provision for confiscation. the nation wants the wealth created illegally to be be declared as national assets.

The punishment must be severe enough to deter the greedy ones in society and their siblings to resort to misuse the authority and manipulating the system to accumulate personal wealth.

Unfortunately, the present generation and even the Next hardly worry about the divine punishment or the fear of hell after death. So they must get into hell right here itself as soon as a prima-facie case is there.

I still doubt if CBI is not showing partisan approach in identifying all the real culprits. Is the destiny helping them to escape or skip Tihar?

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