Manmohan’s Credibility Loss and Alternative

Anna’s win certainly has exposed Manmohan and his total ineffective governance. Rahul Gandhi not only proved himself poor in assisting Manmohan to salvage the damage done in making multiple mistakes in handling Anna’s hurricane. Rather the way Rahul tried to get into the issue through his speech after a long silence stunned the youth and those who thought him as capable enough to handle the responsibility of the country. Perhaps Rahul wants to wait. And even if the party wished, Rahul perhaps is not having that self confidence that is necessary, otherwise he would not have abstained totally from the Saturday deliberations in parliament when a new history was getting written. He would have become a main character of the story but he didn’t try for it and for many such as the students of IIT, he became a minor villain.

Manmohan with a little proactive initiative could have stolen the show that went perfect with his saluting Anna but there after he allowed the role to slip out to Pranab Mukherji again and Pranab played with all elegance and statesmanship.

And the question and justification of the continuance of Manmohan has become a subject of wise speculation. India Today has written, “The sheer absence of leadership has ripped apart the credibility of the Government and raised questions about whether the prime minister can continue.”

I wonder why Manmohan and more so Rahul could hear the voice of millions of Indians and particularly of the crowd of young men and women from middle class, business community and even technocrats that kept on swelling from day one.

Manmohan couldn’t live up to the legacy as the prime minister of a billion plus nation even when the absence of Sonia provided him with the golden opportunity to prove the nation otherwise. The total management of the confrontation with Anna Hazare and every act of the government since August 16, be it the arrest and Tihar, was the Manmohan’s responsibility. I wonder he was too confident with Kapil Sibal and Chidambaram who could make Ramdev look pigmy.

Manmohan Singh in the process did not only lose his middle-class constituency but also fallen in the eyes of young MPs. The old guards were already loath to accept him as prime minister anyway.

As Dipankar Gupta writes, ‘Quite clearly, the youth appear to have forgotten Manmohan Singh’s academic past. Instead, they tend to see him today as just another politician. If Manmohan Singh appears to have lost his intellectual starch it is because he has repeatedly aligned his actions with the logic of politics (worse, coalition politics).

It is unfortunate that Manmohan has aged and is difficult to make him change to suddenly become effective and proactive. For example, why should it take seven months to appoint the head of NHAI, the vital for building roads? How many years will be needed to bring a suitable Land Acquisition Bill so that a company like POSCO ready to pour in $ 12 billion of investment would not be waiting for six years? How many Annas will be required to bring change in the governance of the country?

And it is the right time that Congress and Sonia interest of the nation decode for a change at the top, perhaps with Pranab Mukherji at least up to the time Congress wins again and Rahul dares to sit in the hot chair.

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