Outcomes and PM’s Independence Day Speeches

Man Mohan Singh’s speech this morning from Red Fort on Independence Day this year was not only extremely dull but lacked everything that the citizens of this great nation would have expected to hear. It would have hardly inspired anyone, not even the children seated there in colourful dresses making a flying national flag. As such, Man Mohan is not a great orator. But who so ever may be his speech writer, he did a poor job.

Surprisingly, Man Mohan Singh didn’t come out with great promises or schemes as it’s usual in earlier ones. However, he informed at least about one institute: “The Borlaug Institute of South Asia is being established in India. This institute would facilitate availability of new and improved seeds and new technology to the farmers of India and other countries of South Asia.”

Let us see and compare to what he spoke in the speech on August 15, 2008:

“We are establishing 6000 new high quality model schools, with at least one school in each block. 373 new colleges are being opened in backward districts. We are opening 30 new universities, 8 new IITs, 7 new IIMs, 20 new IIITs, 5 new Indian Institutes of Science, 2 Schools of Planning and Architecture, 10 NITs, and a1000 new polytechnics.”

I wish some knowledgeable and independent enough individual writes about the outcomes of the announcements and the projects related to minority, adult/women (their education and healthcare), dalits and tribal made in last five speeches.

Let us talk about the present issues.

Kashmir is on fire and Maoists’ menace has reached the peak. Both require immediate and fast active interference for solution. While one will test of the sustainability of Indian’s commitment for secularism, the other will test our preference of democracy. But both have gone to the intolerable limits for the Indians at large. The very survival of the nation going in super power mode otherwise is in doubt.

Unfortunately, both are political problems. And Man Mohan Singh is not the master of that art. Unfortunately, the political leaders are hardly brave enough to face the situation. How can a person guarded by the dozens of commandos inspire the common people?

In secular and democratic India, the insurgency is nothing but terrorism. As the leaders of the insurgent group fail to get their aspired position following democratic method, they switch over to the terrorism to become important and be feared and recognized.

However, I do feel that all the regions inflicted by Maoism require development on priority with first class infrastructure and essential services such as free education, health care and free legal services reaching every habitation.

” It can come only through the appointment of the willing, innovative, efficient and honest administrative officers to lead the task of development.

” The business community or investors in the region must also spend on the social projects well in advance as preoperative expenses for their projects.

” Even political parties must start working to uplift the living condition of the region through awareness programmes, sponsoring SHGs and mentoring schools and healthcare centres instead of visiting them only for votes. EC must bar the political parties to get represented from the areas where it has no social projects in sufficient numbers.

Let the PM focus on the outcomes instead of announcements

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