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I am excited to be in Bihar for next four days. I wanted it for a longer time, and be there just before the assembly election. But a bad news from Madhukarpur in the demise of the wife of the eldest brother of Yamuna made the visit necessary. There is a different meaning and purpose in attending these functions at this age of mine.

It is rainy season and not the very good time for going to the villages in Bihar. As reported, it is almost drought till date in Bihar, at least in the region that I shall be visiting. But even one good shower in good old days would have been bad enough to make it impossible for Yamuna to accompany me in such visits.

Alok is making the arrangement for us. We shall be arriving Sasaram by Budhha Jayanti express reaching pretty early in the morning. And a Maruti Wagor R will be taking us to Pipra. Next day we shall be moving to Madhukarpur to attend the final function on Sunday. Monday is the day for Pipra and shall board the train on Tuesday for returning to Noida.

As Alok informed, he is arranging for a generator to run fans, as the electricity from solar plate is inadequate and that from the grid is totally unreliable. I am sure it must be very hot and sultry too.

Today morning, I asked Alok and Sulekha his wife not to stop the coaching engagements on the days I am there. I have been planning to talk with the children of the village Sulekha teaches. Sulekha expected that I might be testing her performance. She is not happy about the interest of the children of Pipra in education. I can appreciate that and expected too. It will give me an opportunity to see and meet the siblings of many known persons of the village and to inquire about them.

I have a camera again just to cover the visit. We shall also be meeting my maternal uncle at Sasaram. I have successfully persuaded Surendra, his youngest son who is based in Sasaram to bring Mamaji from Ramnagar near Varanasi. It has always been a pleasure to spend some time with Mamaji since my school days. I like his affection and his outlook towards the life. He himself had been very hardworking and principled in his profession and successful as advocate in Sasaram. He is in his late eighties.

I hope I shall be able to visit the village school of Pipra for the first time and talk to the teachers and the students. I wish the school to grow at least up to class XII. That only can ensure the village girls to get into higher education with least trouble.

I have vowed to renovate two religious spots in Pipra as well as Madhukarpur. I look for taking the necessary step of finding the right group of persons to get the plans executed.

One should easily understand and appreciate my excitement?

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