Troubling Tuesday

I don’t know why but somehow I am getting scared of Tuesday. I have started avoiding expecting any good things to happen on this day.

Believe it, I regularly read ‘Sundar Kand’ of Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas on this day and Saturday to please God Hanuman who eliminates all obstacles.

Alok, my cousin had volunteered to get all the remaining household items out of AJIRA, my abode till recently in Salt Lake City. He was reaching Kolkata from Pipra to help me in closing a deal. I kept on following him. But at the last moment the officers of my tenant refused to oblige me in handing over the possession of my premises to Alok whom I had deputed for the task. They kept me guessing and confused till late in the day. All my persuasions didn’t help. Now it will be done on May 31, the official final day of the tenant.

And in Noida, my RO water filter has failed working since yesterday. In this month itself I had spent Rs 500 on it. I contacted both the repair men who had been doing it. They kept on affirming the visit but didn’t appear. I don’t know why they behave in this manner, when both had charged a lot of money each time they visit. I had to buy a 20-litre bottle of mineral water.

And in the afternoon on this hot summer temperature going up to 50 Celsius, the inverter also got inoperative. Shri Sunil Kumar, a Keralite entrepreneur in Noida and the manufacturer had got it repaired in this month itself. I talked to him and put my cell phone near it to make Kumar hear the type of noise it was making. His service men are not available to repair it: One has gone to Vaishno Devi and the second one is attending in a distant place from where he can’t come tonight. I will have to get fried if there is a power cut tonight.

And my Airtel telephone has gone dead. Anand couldn’t talk to me when he tried. He had to call me on cell phone. But I cut it short as it costs even for incoming call for foreign calls.

I don’t know what is in store. Alok is on way to Pipra on the truck. I am to track him. I pray he reaches home safely.

Should I be superstitious or take it in stride?

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