Ganga: From Mother to Untouchable Status

Ganga must be cursing Bhagirathi to bring her down to earth@. And the most to be blamed are the Hindus who call her Mother Ganga. Each one starts polluting it from birth and in death too.

And I feel like blaming Vishnu who made Garga descend on earth giving a divine power to her water to absolve all the sins.

Does not every Hindu put all his sins and filths that he generates including his ashes after death and even the carcasses of his pets in the water of Ganga for getting easy salvation?

Where is Vishnu and where is his Chakra? Why is He not getting incarnated again to save Her?

I wish and wonder if all the religious leaders come out with a fatwa to save Ganga that has become a national necessity today. What will be the values of the temples in Varanasi or elsewhere if the rivers become a sewerage drain or die?

Why do BJP and VHP still talk of building the Ram temple? If the party wishes to unite the Indians of all hues, it must put all its resources and propaganda machinery to save the River Ganga.

Shadus and intellectuals must come out to do everything to save it. All the industrialists must take vow to stop draining their pollutants of their enterprises that cause the maximum damage. And let them remember if they don’t do that all their charities and donations to Balaji and other Gods will not save them from the curse of Mother river to get a hell for hundreds of lives to come.

The government that proclaims itself secular has failed to clean the rivers. Can the people of the country do that?

Can we ponder over our actions as Hindu to save Ganga? Can we ask our heirs not to immerse the ashes after our death for our salvation? I refuse to go to Heaven, even if there is any and even if it’s true, if it contributes to the death of mother river. —————————
@”The myth goes that when King Bhagirath asked Ganga to come down to earth, she put her foot down and said no. Then Vishnu intervened. He promised that all the sins accumulated by mortals would dissolve the moment sages entered her waters for ablutions. Finally, Ganga relented.”

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