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Food Grains Shortage: A Myth or Mismanagement

India’s fourth good harvest in a row has swelled wheat stocks to 31 million tonnes, almost eight times its target of 4 million, forcing authorities to pile up nearly 7 million tonnes of grain under tarpaulin in the grainbowl states … Continue reading

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Can India Inc Educate Deprived India?

I go back to my school days in Birlapur. Our school, Birlapur Vidyalaya, was in the factory campus and Birla Jute Manufacturing Company (presently known as Birla Corporation) financed it. The company had a scheme for the educating the children … Continue reading

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Ganga: From Mother to Untouchable Status

Ganga must be cursing Bhagirathi to bring her down to earth@. And the most to be blamed are the Hindus who call her Mother Ganga. Each one starts polluting it from birth and in death too. And I feel like … Continue reading

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Hurdles of Higher Education

India may soon attract a lot of good foreign universities to set up its shop. And if it happens, naturally that may force IITs and other top technical institutes to compete with the best of the world. But naturally a … Continue reading

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A Bad Sad Sunday: Meeting Eternity

An early morning unexpected telephone from Beena Lakshman Singh on cell gave the sad news. I had not taken the call myself as perhaps somehow I could sense the bad news. The cell was in bed room and we were … Continue reading

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Railway Projects: Bihar’s Doorway to Prosperity

I have been advocating for some railway projects that can bring Bihar on the map of industrial India. At Harnaut in Nitish’s constituency, the Indian railway is building a coach maintenance plant. Nitish as railway Minister had initiated that. As … Continue reading

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India inc.: Real Rural Social Responsibility

Bill Gates visited Amethi in this punishing Indian summer. Why is this romance with India’s remote villages? Perhaps after getting at top in wealth creation, Bill is genuinely working to reach and help the deprived lot of the world. As … Continue reading

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