Live 100 Years

Indians talked of a 100 years age as an ideal one with four ‘ashrams‘ or stages, each of 25 years spans dedicated to a different focus. Opinions vary. According to the scriptures many lived very long lives covering thousands of years, and some even became immortal. However, at the time of independence, the average life span in India was around 45years because of various reasons and deprivations. But with independence the things changed the average has gone up and may be nearing 70 years.

Scientists and medical practitioners are busy with improving the longevity of human beings and that too keeping the capabilities of body elements young enough to lead a good life. It is interesting to read such news:

British scientists are working on regenerative therapies that could help centenarians have bodies of 50-year-olds in the future. Researchers at Leeds University will be shelling out £50 million over five years to come up with solutions to pull off “50 active years after 50” by providing pensioners with longer lasting replacement body parts. Professor John Fisher revealed the “combination of a durable cobalt-chrome metal alloy socket and a ceramic ball means the joint should easily withstand the 100 million steps that a 50-year-old can be expected to take by their 100th birthday.”

US population of persons above 100years of age is on rise. In UK, the number of people who have reached the age of 100 has broken the 10,000 barrier for the first time this September.

When I wanted to get into the information about ‘100 years of age’ through Google search, I found the number of entries at 129 million. The information covers many aspects including how to survive after 100 years of age
The problems before the scientists will be to make the life at that age also as useful and enjoyable to live as at younger ages.

Will the long active lives not create many social problems? Should it be a priority of the scientists when millions of people die immaturely because of many deprivations?

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