Obama and Man Mohan- Mismatch in Priorities

Man Mohan has gone confident. He is behaving as a true prime minister out of the shadow of Sonia Gandhi. However, are his priorities to visit Italy to attend G-8 and then Paris and Egypt instead of concentrating on domestic issues justified and correct? As it appears, Man Mohan wishes to leave back some legacies that remain unique. If Man Mohan can get India as a permanent member in UN Security Council, perhaps he can make his mark on the Indian history for posterity. Will his shrewd American and European friends, interested mainly in alluring India for its vast market to get their economy revived, go out of the way and get him the UNSC membership for India, as Bush got Indo-American Nuclear deal?

I and perhaps many in the country wish he could have done something that he is expert in. He could have made the development of India going in fast track at a record speed. He could have got India solve its infrastructure problems. How dismal is the power situation in the country? Can any country be proud of his economist prime minister with so much power shortages, outages, and sorrowing and protest for that in all parts of India? Be it his pet Bharat Nirman or NREGA, all the schemes require some tough interventions from a truly efficient prime minister to make them real success stories. The coming five years will be the last chance for Man Mohan to prove that he is a great administrator and prime minister who could bring smiles on the faces of the people of the country. He would have been in office for almost 10 year at the end of the present term. And ten years are good enough to get all done.

On external affairs, Man Mohan would have concentrated on neighbours more than US, UK, Europe and other developed countries. A good relation with Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Shri Lanka is strategically more important. Nepal could have helped removing the menace of devastating floods and also provided power and water for irrigation with high dams on Nepal side. Bangladesh could have helped integrating north-eastern provinces of the country with main India. Myanmar would have helped facing Chinese threat. Why should not Man Mohan and for that matter any government that comes in Delhi give these relations more importance?

Man Mohan Singh could have also proved his leadership in handling Naxalite terrorism spreading at fast speed in the country. Many feel that Naxalism is basically a problem requiring economic solutions that can come through only equitable development in all the regions and from employment and prosperity, Perhaps Man Mohan as economist could have provided the real roadmap of solutions and got over it in a timeframe.

As it appears Man Mohan has been emulating Obama from whom the whole of US is expecting miraculous solutions of the after-affects of meltdown. However, Americans have failed to see even the glimpses of that. Obama again is busy visiting European friends and other part of the globe to showcase himself and his family to be known as the greatest leader of the humanity of the era, when he is needed maximum in US to solve multi-dimensional problems of the American economy that is affecting the quality of life of every American. He is to keep his promises on providing the right healthcare for his people. They want ensured employment and more manufacturing in US. They want the financial sector to be socially more responsible. Every American young and old are looking towards him with a hope. Will the hope remain a nightmare? Has his trips abroad done anything to those goals?

Both Obama and Man Mohan must perform and prove themselves on their home turfs. Both the democracies demand that as priority, as it expects its head to do thing that is the topmost priority of its people.

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