Entrepreneurs! Here is a Business Plan

Finally, we got our Samsung LCD TV back in operation yesterday after three days. We could see the wonderful eclipse right from our bed room and could hear parliamentarians wasting the nation’s money in debating reality shows on TV channels instead of doing something about the people miseries all over the country with the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.

We found these three days pretty difficult without any news and instant entertainment that the TV provides. Many in India’s cities and towns experience the same nightmarish situation with the poor response from the manufacturers’ designated service centres and lack of reliable private repair technicians. I know Rai and Grover had similar horrible experiences and perhaps for more number of days. Depending on the population, many may be waiting helplessly for their household appliances restored at any particular time or day.

And again people at large in these days have become slaves of many of these household appliances, be it refrigerator and air conditioner in summer or Geysers or room heaters in winters, be it a cell phone once lost or a car that developed major problem suddenly or even the power generator that many have installed to face the frequent power cuts. Generally, it requires tough head and heart to get the equipment back in operation, as the after-sales services are just laggard and the top management of the manufacturing companies hardly keep it in touch with the suffering customers.

Why can’t some agency provide the replacement of these appliances at rental within minutes or few hours of trouble? The service must cover all possible household items that we today use and without which we feel really uncomfortable. The rental must not be too high but good enough to make it a viable business proposition. The affected person can call the replacement agencies giving the details of the need and negotiate the specification, terms and conditions for the replaced item. Once agreed, the agency must send his men with the appliances promptly that can serve the basic purpose of the family as agreed in advance and get it fixed up to serve the purpose of the clients to their satisfaction. The agency on its part can have arrangement for sourcing the appliance with the different manufacturers or agencies. The agency may take some initial deposits too. Naturally the details of the business require fine tuning.

I guess this will make the life of at least oldies convenient and reduce the mental tension to a great extent. I am sure for younger ones too it will add to the quality of living.

Do you think this idea as a viable business proposition or do you know someone somewhere who is already providing this type of services? Please comment and convey.

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