Higher Education: Sibal Must Prioritize

In general, almost every one, the friends as well as foes is appreciative of the numerous radical reforms Sibal wishes to bring in education sector. However, some of them must move fast on priority.

As many perceive, ‘the vast majority of private institutions, ranging from mediocre to abysmal, are solely devoted to making money’. And those who run it have hardly any intention or will for imparting quality education. Sibal must do something urgently to correct it. The institutes can’t play with the future and career of the young men and women of the country. I don’t find anything wrong if private players in education sectors charge more as fee. However, there can’t be any compromise with the quality of education the private institutes provide. Sibal must force these institutes to get into accreditation from honest and capable agencies within a time frame. May be, the fee keeps some relation with the accreditation ratings.

The correct information about the institutions must be readily available for all the users-parents, students, and teachers on its website as well as through the printed literatures about the institute. And any confusing and misguiding information must invite heavy penalty including cancellation of affiliation of the institute.

Sibal must allow full autonomy to all the institutes of excellence and the ministry must not interfere. The aim must be to get into global ranking with regards to scale, original papers, researches and industry interactions.

Sibal must facilitate in building up the best possible infrastructures such as the teachers, libraries, laboratories, hostel facilities, conference halls, and sports complexes before scaling up the entry numbers.

The dismal shortage of good teachers must be tackled fast and effectively. Sibal must also encourage introducing compulsorily the system of teaching and research assistants in the institutes of higher education. The system will provide financial assistance to needy and qualified students, train and motivate the students to get into teaching and research profession, as it will make them appreciate the work.

The institutes must take initiative to keep its door open for the people with work experiences in the industry and administration who show interest in teaching and research work. Many a times there is bias among long time teachers against the men in the industry. The mindset needs to undergo change.

Another very important resource for the institutes is its alumni. The institute must try to explore wherever they can help including teaching and sharing of the experiences of interested ones with the students. Unfortunately, hardly some institutes are tapping these resources. In recent past, IIT alumni from developed countries have shown a lot of interest in education. I wish Sibal involves them and use them. As reported, “Some IIT alumni teaching in the US have come together to form a group called Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) to facilitate training of faculty at the IITs.”

Sibal with his high respectability with corporate sector must encourage and involve industrial houses and established enterprises of futuristic missions and visions to have positive and dynamic interaction with the institutes of higher education with an objective to make education improving employability index and have focus on useful researches that can take the country ahead in competition with developed world.

The nation wishes Sibal succeeds in getting the education out of messes.

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