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Lead from Front

Perhaps the biggest change, over the years that I notice is that the executives are too busy with the meetings. Whenever I contact some whom I knew during office hours these days, the normal reply nowadays is ‘Sahab is in … Continue reading

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Tulsi- Means of Livelihood

I was amazed when I found one Organic India’s Tulsi Tea Collection sachet in an envelope from ‘Good Housekeeping’, a magazine along with other promotion materials. Yamuna has always kept a tulsi in our residence wherever we lived. Tulsi leaves … Continue reading

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‘Economist’ This Week

‘Economist’ this week has four reports related to India. It is good enough indication of the importance and attention that India is getting these days. The report on Information technology in India ‘Gravity’s pull’ deals with a fear or prophecy … Continue reading

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IITians Go Rural

On occasion of Pan-IIT meet in Chennai, many have talked and written about IITs and IITians that is really informative. IIT-Madras has, for example, recruited over 200 faculty of whom at least a third did their bachelor’s in one of … Continue reading

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Innovating India

Any nation or an enterprise is judged by its innovativeness on long run. India’s engineering talent and IT power has created a place in global technological fraternity. However, innovations are being taken up as priority in almost all sectors, and … Continue reading

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Sitaram Yachuri’s Concern for Development

Lately, Hindustan Times regularly publishes Sitaram Yachuri’s lead articles on editorial page. He is an intelligent leftist and many of his arguments are really worth attention. In a recent article, he wrote about the development of Gujarat. “Despite the tom-toming … Continue reading

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Booming and Blooming India-XXXI

Inc’s Grand H1 show: For the half year ended September 2007, interest coverage ratio for Corporate India, excluding banking sector, has gone up from 10.8 to 11.7 times. India-born Vikram Pandit is Citigroup’s new CEO: India-born Vikram Pandit has been … Continue reading

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