Ratan Tata and His Open Letter

After making a decision to move Nano project out of West Bengal, Ratan Tata had come out with a very strong statement naming Mamta Banerji responsible for pull out. I had considered Ratan Tata as one of the most mature industrialists of the country. I couldn’t understand why Ratan Tata named her. Once Tata moved out and courted Modi, what was the need of talking about a ‘good-M’ and ‘bad-M’ (“I hope there is a bad-M and a good-M”). And now Ratan Tata has come out with an open letter. What is the purpose of the open letter in some newspapers of West Bengal appealing to the youth of West Bengal and bringing the same name in that again? Many thought it sponsored or worded by CPM party. Does Tata wish to side with Buddha or to give a clean cheat to CPM in Singur episode? Tata would have also taken note of Modi’s letter addressed to the people of West Bengal. All these may create problem for the unfortunate ‘Nano’. Who can predict if no insane of Gujarat may get himself incarnated as saviour of Sanand and induce the people there to take the maximum advantage from the newborn golden goose?

Many intellectuals have already appealed those youth who can be swayed by such appeals. But these youths don’t control the politics in West Bengal. Neither are they interested nor bold enough to do that. They are not the part of the crowd that emboldens the politicians for agitations and protests.

Right from the beginning of Tata’s decision to come to West Bengal, I have been writing about the person who is advising Tata wrongly about West Bengal. Tata had all the information, but still he plunged in setting up the Nano factory in Singur. He would have known that one single person, even if he chief minister in India, can’t run a state, and a police force can’t get a manufacturing plant running. HM had similar support from Dr. BC Roy in early 60s, but couldn’t run HM till its CEO took all union men in his hand at a cost. Ratan Tata must keep his image apolitical and keep himself unattached with politicians. He must leave politics for other businessmen to do. Ratan Tata, through his latest open letter, has unnecessarily given Mamta an opportunity to show as if she can take head-on even Tata. Mamta has threatened to legal action against Ratan Tata for making “defamatory comments” against her*. She will try to politically cash the open letter in her favour. Even without the open letter, the youth of West Bengal knew what Tata wished to tell. All this could have been avoided.

Tata may be having a fancy for Buddha, but Buddha is not above CPM, the cadre-based party that completely spoiled the work culture of West Bengal. Mamta perhaps wrongly has decided to follow the route devised by CPM and its wings to come to power and be in power. Many a times it appeared that Mamta days are over, but it never happened. She has been lucky as well as strong enough to survive till this date. I am a sympathizer of Mamta for her solo fight against leftists; though she is another Mayawati who doesn’t want to get a second man grow in her party.

I wish Tata avoided any more naming of politicians with big mouth-Mamta, Mayawati, Amar, Modi or Yechury.

*Excerpts from Tata’s open letter

“Unfortunately, the confrontative actions by the Trinamool Congress led by Ms Mamata Banerjee and supported by vested interests and certain political parties… have caused serious disruption to the progress of the Nano plant…”

“Would they like to support the present government of Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee to build a prosperous state with the rule of law, modern infrastructure and industrial growth, supporting a harmonious investment in the agricultural sector to give the people in the state a better life? Or would they like to see the state consumed by a destructive political environment of confrontation, agitation, violence and lawlessness? ”

Another viewpoint
Is Ratan Tata a Marxist?

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