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Indian Farming Remembered

Food security is going to be more serious threat and so agenda to the nations than even the terrorism. As reported, India too is talking to countries like Myanmar and Paraguay to grow pulses and oilseeds. I remember once telling … Continue reading

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Presidential Debate- Something to Emulate

Perhaps the most important aspect of my US visit this time is my exposure to presidential election process. With Anand and Shannon very positively involved in politics, it has become more interesting and informative. I am just sold on the … Continue reading

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Deepawali in US

It was my first Deepawali in US and unique in some respects. After perhaps two decades or more, we were with our three sons on this day that celebrates the win of righteousness over devil powers. The last one must … Continue reading

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Maha-ashatami in US

Having spent the majority of the life in West Bengal, it is but natural to feel bad to miss Durga Puja and visiting pandals. It started at Birlapur in West Bengal, where I had my schooling since 1948. What I … Continue reading

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Nano Project: From Singur to Sanand

Tata Motors has really moved fast. It has not only dropped the Singur as the mother plant for manufacturing its prestigious Nano cars, but also quickly taken the decision to shift to Gujarat and signed the Memorandum of Understanding with … Continue reading

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Workers, Politicians, Management, and Goons

With the expansion and spontaneity of digital media, the sad news of Lalit Kishore Chaudhry of Greater Noida reached all corner of the globe. It may appear amazing but that’s the change the world has undergone in the Friedman’s famous … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Miracle

Yesterday, when I was visiting the electronics’ store to see the latest gadgets, Anand had mentioned of the Apple’s Brick and its manufacturing process. As reported, Apple will build the notebook out of a single piece of carved-out aluminum-a brick. … Continue reading

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Chinese Quality- Myth or Reality

I have a respect for the Chinese, the way they have gone in manufacturing. This time, I find, American stores and households having almost everything manufactured in China. The other day Anand and Shannon bought a frying pan. After a … Continue reading

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Tata Motors’ Final Ta..Ta.. To Singur

Ultimately Buddha looses his brave war against Mamta. Tata Motors has finally abandoned Singur, the place that could have become the Detroit. Ratan Tata rightly refused to work under police protection promised by Buddha. It is not practically possible, as … Continue reading

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Transforming India -2

Some views of the Indian intellectuals about the ‘Transforming India’ in special Issue of ‘India Today’ are as follows: Ajimji Premji The day when the local government school is able to attract children from across the social spectrum, that will … Continue reading

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