India Today’s 60 Greatest Indians

It is enjoyable to read about so many great people in one go. The news magazine has done a wonderful job in planning this sort of special issue . Perhaps from marketing point, it has included persons from all walks of lives to cater to the interests of its readers at large.

It was interesting to read about the scientists and technocrats of the country that make us proud. Hardly some in younger generations may be knowing about the contributions of PC Mahalanobis, Homi Bhabha, SS Bhatnagar, JC Bose, CV Raman, Raja Rammanna, S Ramanujan, Vikram Sarabhai, MS Swaminathan and some more who are not in India Today’s list. Many of India’s scientists and economists made the developing world wonder how these scientists of India- a poor country then with so limited facilities, could do all that. The lack of the facilities becomes the excuse for the scientists of the present era to go abroad and work there. But how did those people manage it? Perhaps, they were more focused, more dedicated, more nationalistic, and more determined to prove the world wrong.

Sometimes, many and me too wonder why India doesn’t get any more the people of their caliber.

I wish India Today or other news magazine of all languages could come out with a special issue covering the most distinguished Indian management gurus, technocrats and scientists of present time working in India or abroad. Unfortunately, the media are too busy with the sensational community and political news. The educated middleclass keep waiting for the news of good work that are being done in the universities, laboratories and factories of the country that is making even the developed nations envious of India.

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