Father’s Day

Today early morning when Shannon and Puchhu called me from US, it was still the Father’s Day there. Both of them wished me, though they had already sent e-greeting cards. The cards have gone really wonderful with those musical tunes. I go on playing that a number of times and enjoy. Anand provided the link of a wonderful article on Father’s day too.

But what is this Father’s Day. Yesterday Rakesh had called me to wish. I had put this question to him also. As a businessman himself, he had a very realistic reply. ‘Papa! Some says these Mother’s/ Father’s Days are the creations or innovations of greeting cards industry. Actually, it is Thanks Giving Day that is meant for expressing some sort of respect to the ancestors and that is an old practice in American society.’

But as usual I have my own views on these days. On the Father’s Day, the children must remember one incident in their life where they liked the way their father acted. And the best will be if they narrate the story to the father or write to him. I am sure the father will get the maximum happiness that way.

Unfortunately, when the kids are in growing stage the parents, particularly fathers, but now mothers too, are very busy in their professional engagements. Many a times, they fail to give the desired time for the children that they miss for the whole of life. Many of the parental actions even though in the interests of the children get misunderstood.

I feel myself the guilty of the same today. I came from an ordinary rural background and wanted to make a name for myself and thereby for the family. I used to work like a madman for twelve-fourteen hours for many years for a private company that I considered as my own. As a fool, I used to think that I was the best and so indispensable. I get a shock of my life when Yamuna tells me that we could go out on a holiday for only once in the whole of my professional career. Naturally, the children missed many things that were their due.

But as a father, why should I repent? The greater Father looked after them, all are today in US, married with a family of their own and are doing fine. However, June is a great month for us. While June 10, is Rakesh’s birthday, June 14, is our marraige anniversary too.

I am sure they all will be better father.

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