Manmohan@3-II Why Sermonize, Improve Government Administraion!

I am afraid that he is forgetting his basic lessons learnt at London School of Economics and in earlier days in his college. Before sermonizing the industrialists or CEOs, he must look back to his own life and the lives of many of his school, college or career friends with equal and better proficiency. Have they materially got equal remunerations from the life? He must do his own job as PM and let thee industrialists do their own. Sunil Mittal very rightly said that the salaries of the CEOs couldn’t be legislated. It will be prudent if our great PM stops sermonizing and get his ministers working to see the things moving fast to attain the targets. He should get all the chief ministers and see that they all agree to cut down the delays of projects such Posco or Tata or Mittal or those mega power projects without which FDI will be hesitatingly coming.

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