Noida: Destruction in Mayawati’s Name

We came in Noida in June 1997, bought this house A-54 in Sector 41 and started living in June 1998. We found sufficient frontage that was barren then, Yamuna as usual got busy in building a garden, even though I kept on dissuading her from working so hard and spending so much of money. Over the years, it has grown well with number of trees. Once the Noida authority took over a portion to widen the road. We lost some trees too but then Yamuna again made that up with some additional trees. It serves us well in yond winter. It is enjoyable to sit in sun and waste hours with nothing specific to do. In February 2006, when I was away in Salt Lake, Kolkata, Yamuna got a portion concreted for parking of our small Alto, emulating other neighbours who had constructed nicely built garages all along Block A and Block B facing sector 39. Many of the house owners have spent quite a bit to lay good gardens. Some used for parking the car too. In Noida there is no mandatory provision for providing garage in the house. Every one parks all the cars along the service road in front of the house. With people having more than one car, the parking situation is really critical. For us facing a wide road in the front with some government land for services or social forestry, it was but prudent to use the space for parking. And naturally for safety and easy exit and coming in, gates were also integrated.

All these days, it was going all right. Noida Authority never raised any objection nor even sent any notice directly or through RWA that the householders have gone beyond the rules. Suddenly today Thursday May 23, 2007 there was hue and cry in the neighbours. A large contingent of staffs and some staff members with lot of police men too have appeared with two big bulldozers and are demolishing all the structures around the garden. I went out and wanted to talk with the officer. But he was not only arrogant; he appeared to be a goon. They destructed everything and went back leaving all the materials scattered to tell the story vividly to most of the house owners when they return in the evening after work and see the damages.

But why Noida authority did it and that also without any notice? Is it the arrogancy of the officers or some act to show to new CEO appointed by the new government of Mayawati that they are active? As the media says, each employee of Noida Authority is a billionaire just because of rampant corruption. Why would then they not treat the honest citizens even very senior ones like illegal zhuggiwallahs? But what were they afraid of? The residents had no permanent structure such a walled close garages, as they knew very well that the plot might be required on any day for the road expansion or for laying of drainage or some other service activity. But still they created havoc in the locality for no rhymes and reasons to show that they are in power to do anything wish. This is our great democracy. I am sure if the locality would have just one political goon, the Noida Authority and its staffs would have avoided coming here.

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