Arvind Kejriwal: Some Issues and Views

Kejriwal had said- ‘Both BJP and Congress are thieves’. ‘Dr. Harshbardhan is honest man but I can’t say about BJP.’

Arvind could have avoided these statements. It was perhaps meant only for vote. AAP is to go long years without similar branding by someoneelse like Arvind. I beg to tell Arvind that the parties normally are like temples. The priests may be corrupt, but not the temple. Congress had Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Patel, Lal Bahadur, Kamraj and many others from the present lot too including Manmohan Singh who can be icons of the younger generation.Similarly, quite a large number of BJP leaders are honest even without your certificate, and so are many bureaucrats. Integrity of many communist leaders (but not the grassroot cadres) is also exemplary. Examples are Budhhdev Bhattacharya, Manik Sarkar.

Arvind Kejriwal anwering, “Who is an aam aadmi?” said, “AAP believes that the middle class is part of the aam aadmi, anyone who is tired of this corrupt system is aam aadmi.” I can’t agree to this definition. For most of us, Aam Aadami is that maid working in middle-class homes, washer man who cleans the clothes and even cars in NCR, the person who delivers newspaper, vegetable sellers and so many other persons who fight every day to earn the living of the family. I enquired some of them. They don’t have the ration cards and so can’t be the beneficiaries of even the new food security bill.They find it almost impossible to have one. They buy gas in black for their small gas cylinder at enormous cost. Will Arvind make his officers and his volunteers to see that every one in Delhi gets his ration card and Adhar number through a drive similar to polio plus.

Arvind gave a lot of publicity for his travel by Metro and by his Wagon R car. It appeared that he would operate from his flat. It reminds me of Mamta’s Santro and cycle of Manik Sarkar. Mamta still lives in her own house and Budhhdev attended office from his flat. Even Harshbardhan would have operated from his own house.

According to Kejriwal, “Delhi’s aam aadmi has taken the lead in telling the country as to which direction the national politics should go.” This is very correct. All selecting to get into politics must take lessons from Arvind’s success. Destiny helps only those who can plan, strategise, and remain ready to change.

It is good that AAP ministers are getting Innova and Kejriwal has decided to move to a spacious accommodation near his office. Ministers’ cars will not have beacon on it, though their branded white topi will work better than becon. Why should Arvind keep on vacillating on these decisions because of the criticism of opposition and media? He now is looking for a smaller flat.

However, I shall request Arvind to persuade Rakhi to switch over to her actual surname rather than sticking to Birla. It is confusing. Some Birlas may file a legal suite against her.

One more wish: Besides getting Lokayukt Bill through in the assembly, Arvind must implement the Citizens’ Charter. As clear from an article by Dipankar Gupta in Times of India today, ‘in large measure, such an institution is already in place in Punjab where citizens are assured of nearly 150 services within a pre-determined, but generous, time frame. Consequently, delivery failures entail hefty fines backed by departmental enquiries.’

And then few advice of an elder: Keep yourself fit and run the administration with exemplary efficiency. If you can make Delhi an example of good governance, that can be emulated by others. Delhi is not a big state. You can do that. Use your huge followings in NRIs, Corporate India, and younger generation for educating all and providing employment to make their life better. The whole country is looking at you and your actions.

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