AAP: From Uncertainty and Confusion to Real Work

If one goes by media reports, both digital as well as print, the situation today is pretty confusing. One founder member called for referendum on deployment of security forces in J&K. Arvind disowned and disassociated his party from that view. A minister made a mountain out of mole by announcing stone throwing on her car when it was unintended cricket ball of street children. Another minister came in conflict with his secretary on the subject of calling a meeting of judges. Another minister got involved in another mess when the dead body of a child was found thrown in waste dump.

But then come some good news too.

Rakhi Birla ‘has mooted a proposal to employ around 5,000 women auto drivers at night.’ ‘Several ex-armymen and martial art instructors have been roped in to train women.’ She is further starting with an all-women commando force. Rakhi Birla has been making surprise checks at night ever since she took charge as Delhi’s women and child welfare minister. She is focusing right now to the state of the homeless and night-shelters.

Education minister Manish Sisodia is using volunteers for the inspection of government schools. They’ve been assigned schools and will be submitting their report – covering only infrastructure for the first phase -by January 10.

Arvind, the boss after granting free water and electricity at half cost has also fulfilled his promises to have a call centre for catching the corrupt officers. I am sure the previous government also would have taken similar steps, but it hardly got any media attention. I wish AAP stops taking actions to be on the cover page and from making the subject lucrative enough for prime time debates on news channels.

One thing is sure that AAP that got a lot of backdoor support from BJP during Anna’s movement for Lokpal bill has gone against it openly. The utterances of founder members of AAP, particularly of Prasahant Bhushan and Kumar Viswas, are clear indicators. It may bring some switch over of votes from Congress sympathizers, but certainly is not a good politics. The often repeated wish of becoming martyrs is also hardly prudent. As reported, the nonacceptance of security guards will mean more cost for security to the police authority.

I wish AAP ministers start focusing on and working for improving the administration and for providing efficient and quick services to the people rather on creating news headlines. The people of Delhi wish Delhi to grow as a model world class metro and state that can be emulated by others.

People have a lot of expectations from AAP leaders. Corruption can’t remain the main issue for long if the governance is neglected.

Should not AAP ministers and volunteers work for getting respected by all the government employees, particularly those of schools and healthcare services, not feared? Let the teachers take care of their students and improve their knowledge so that pretty soon they can be sent to participate in PISA. Can there be a day when people start preferring government schools and hospitals over the private ones? If it can happen in developed countries, it must happen in India too.

I shall also wish if AAP goes nationwide only after making Delhi its showpiece. And if it is honest, it can happen in months.

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