Manufacturing India: Indian Politics

Media is full of reports about the new hero on the stage of Indian politics. It all started with corruptions all around, particularly in the politicians and bureaucrats or government officers. I wish the society gets rid of this DNA fault prevalent widely and deeply. As one ordinary thinker, I would have liked AAP using its huge (3,00,000) and growing bulk of intelligent volunteers to find if any one in their own households is following corrupt practices and try to correct him.

Sorry that was not the subject of this writing. I am still worried about the manufacturing sector of the country and its potentials that can bring laughter on the faces of 60 percent of aam aadami. India’s manufacturing sector must get its necessary priority of all- politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists big and small, new and experienced entrepreneurs, and the young generation seeking online cosy jobs after the graduations even from IITs and IIMs.

Some are again taking solace that even in China, the manufacturing is slowing. But let these people understand that a little slowing for China hardly matters because of the level that it already has attained. India must look around. There is focus on and so improvement in manufacturing sector all around. Even US is focusing and regaining its manufacturing strength. “Markit’s U.S. manufacturing index rose to 55 in December from a final reading of 54.7 in November, above the 50 threshold that indicates growth. Markit’s euro zone manufacturing PMI rose to 52.7 in December from 51.6 in November.”

Present government in its two terms started well with setting up of National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council under former Maruti CEO, VK Krishnamurty and then came out with an excellent National Manufacturing Policy. However, as in many other areas, it hardly focused on getting the policies for improving manufacturing sector implemented. The contribution of manufacturing to GDP has hardly improved, nor has improved the employment.

The country will expect the next government and all state governments to commit and focus on expanding the manufacturing right up to every village and its households. The country that has indigenously built nuclear plants, satellites, sophisticated missiles, satellites and successfully launched Chandrayaan and Manglayaan, does not lack the talent that is required to make India one of the top manufacturing power, if the government supports its seriously.

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