A Senior’s Appeal to Arvind Kejriwal

AAP must be a nationally accountable and responsible party, if it wishes to be a party with difference with sole vision of serving the common people. AAP must also be more democratic and inclusive in real sense.

The differing statements on formation of government in Delhi made by Prashant Bhushan and Kejriwal is confusing and may make Kejriwal look authoritarian to the people pretty soon.

Kejriwal on one hand, appeals to good people of all organisations to join his party, on the other hand he is not ready to take support of eight MLAs of Congress Party. If he is a strong leader, he must accept them and be able to change those eight individuals as true followers of his philosophy and policies. These eight individuals are hardly interested in Congress and its policies. They are just people leaders who have won on their own merits.

If Kejriwal wishes to be a political force, he will have to be realistic and decisive. He will have to be ready to join coalition. He must be confident enough to change the mindset of the MLAs or the political party who wish to join him or whom he joins. Further, Kejriwal and his colleagues must show their administrative capability. People want to see that. When he is not ready to support BJP or accept Congress support to form government, he is not showing the responsibility that the people of Delhi wish him to take. Further, has he taken a feedback from those who voted about his decision to not form government with support from the two major national parties?

On national level, Kejriwal must not confuse the younger generation, if he is not sure of winning outright majority in parliament and if he is not ready to take part in a coalition government. Let him also understand that many of his voters were to vote for BJP. And he should not be so sure that the reelection will make him win with clean sweep. Voters of the country are very much unpredictable. His own leaders were not sure about the numbers of winning candidates even a day before the result.

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