Gay Movement- Is it the most important issue before the nation?

I am amazed to see the young smart faces in crowd, almost all speaking in good English to the reporters, some quoting even Kama Shutra, protesting against the SC judgement. Are they right activists or the gay themselves? Is it a development imported from the west like so many others by the English speaking so called modern and advanced class, well supported by English media? I never knew the real meaning of the word before this movement. I know many have differing personal secrets. Why can’t it remain personal and private?

It is not only the politicians but other vested interests also are trying to make the gay issue important. As one example, look at the Indian tour operators who are crying about their attempt to grab a slice of the world’s estimated $5-billion “gay tourism” market, getting affected, as if there is no potential tourists left among the rest of the population.

Government and Congress with very quick response from Sonia as well as Rahul are on overdrive to scrap SC ruling on gay sex rights. Perhaps, it aims at diverting the minds of people from the recent loss at its opposition’s hand.

I don’t understand why so many urgent issues of the country is not getting the similar attention of the government, Congress and other political parties that really deserve to be given the topmost attention. Our economy is in shambles. The country is hardly any more attractive for investment by the domestic or foreign players. The inflation is causing more and more problems for the destitute and poor.

Why does not Sonia call for a national consensus on some economic reforms that can pull out the country from the present condition. How long we go on giving the excuses of global downtrend or democratic system of the country for not growing fast enough or for not meeting the basic human development parameters?

Should not the illegal outflow of nearly one third of the Government of India’s total budgeted expenditure in 2011 of Rs.13 lakh crore, be more important concern on which the people and their leaders from different fields focus?

Should not the allegation, that MPs from Congress, BJP, BSP, Janata Dal United (JD-U) and AIADMK on videotape were willing to write letters of recommendation for a fictitious Australian oil and gas exploration company for cash payment ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 50 lakh, be a matter of greater concern?

I wish the young generation that demonstrated its unique capability in winning Delhi for AAP tries to understand the real national issues and its priority.

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