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Bihar-A Temple Project

I don’t know why such exciting news comes from BBC, Washington Post, Independent, Guardian and a score of other foreign news media. However, it adds perhaps a little weight and seems to be more authentic that makes me happy. I … Continue reading

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Indian Culture: Strength and Weaknesses

Two recent news reports might have hurt many wishers of India. While the first was a study coming from the academicians, the second might be a poor unnecessary remark of a former cricket captain. A study, ‘India: The Next Superpower?’ … Continue reading

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A Helpless Prime Minister, A Spineless Party

Why is Manmohan so helpless? Perhaps even if he wishes, he can’t resign. Why did he not agree for a JPC for 2G and in turn the whole of winter session got lost if the opposition was asking for it … Continue reading

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Indian Scientists and R&D

I read a story recently how the only Nobel Laureate of science from India failed to explain his Raman Effect to her mother, Parvati Ammal to her satisfaction, though he tried his best to elucidate his discovery to best of … Continue reading

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