A Helpless Prime Minister, A Spineless Party

Why is Manmohan so helpless? Perhaps even if he wishes, he can’t resign. Why did he not agree for a JPC for 2G and in turn the whole of winter session got lost if the opposition was asking for it if the opposition was asking for it? Why did he agree for JPC and why did he and his minister keep on repeating the zero loss theory? Why didn’t he manage to get resignation from Thomas, CVC? Why was he so adamant to correct the mistake? Why would have Manmohan waited for SC to ask CVC resign? Why couldn’t Hasan Ali’s 500 billion in Swiss Banks or for that matter all the bank accounts of Indians in foreign banks be freezed if those are opened against the law of the land? How long Congress spokespersons save the party? Will the country be administrated by Supreme Court? How long the appointments of ministers and the heads of key agencies be made as per the wishes of the Nehru-Gandhi family?

Manmohan accepts fault. But the main question that haunts millions in the country, why doesn’t Manmohan resign?

PS: I wish Shri Manmohan Singh to resign so that Sonia Gandhi can give chance to the next best, be it Pranab or PC, if Rahul Gandhi can’t take over. It is absolutely necessary for the country. Moreover, I don’t like Manmohan pretending that he matters. Can Manmohan manage to get the numbers lost by DMK or he will have to look to Sonia or Pranab? If a PM can’t manage to keep two of his own party’s ministers in good spirit, how can he be expected to keep the heavy weight like Sharad Pawar in sync with his policies? And this is the reason good enough for him to resign to save the country. Let the country understand and appreciate that the model resorted to by Sonia in 2004 has failed, though every countryman wanted it to succeed then.

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