@ 65th Independence Day

On the eve of Independence Day, I was feeling miserable with the news of Team India in a state of free fall. I opened my TV to see something better, but then I came across Manish Tiwari, the repulsive spokesman of Congress vomiting venom and calling Padma Bibhusan Anna as a total corrupt in disrespectful language. He might have got inspiration from the curt letter of Manmohan in reply to Anna’s request for relief from the tyranny of Delhi police. And then Kapil Sibal and Ambika Soni on TV screen to present the government case.

Ambika is an old Sonia loyal and Kapil Sibal, a very successful lawyer joined Congress very late, some say, for vested interest. He is the most important cabinet minister today. Sibal reminds me of Sidharath Sankar Ray of West Bengal, who developed a great relation with Indira Gandhi that brought ultimately the infamous emergency of 1977.

I had decided to boycott watching Manmohan unfurling tricolour on Red Fort, but not going to news websites. I found President’s pre-independence day speech discovering that there is no single remedy to corruption. Manmohan had also filled his speech with his promises to fight corruption. He didn’t make any other promises this time as he usually did in past such as making Mumbai a Shanghai and forgot. Why does the government promise if it can’t deliver? If one compiles the promises made in last seven years from Red Fort or in Budget speeches and sees its present status, the truth will show its effectiveness. Is it not a dishonesty of those who promise? Let me give some promises. According one, all villages above 2000 of population were to have a bank facility. Similarly, all villages were to have a knowledge kiosk with computer, internet and broadband. Where are they?

I had written about the targets of Manmohan’s pet project Bharat Nirman. Has it provided the electricity to the number of villages it promised? Yes, it has at least installed boards declaring that the village is covered by RGGVP. However, the village hardly gets electricity even for an hour or two a day.

The police have denied permission for holding fast to Anna. Is it not against all democratic norms? On one hand even in his speech, Mammohan said, “I am aware of the differences of opinion on some aspects of the bill. Those who don’t agree with this bill can put forward their views to Parliament, political parties and even the press.” I am sure Anna has done only that. But why should Manmohan not allow his points of views to be discussed by MPs?

I am sure that the politicians, its administrators and corporate executives must perceive that they are fast damaging their brand images among the people or so called aam aadami. They are playing with fire. It will cause a serious damage to the dream of the nation to become a super economy.

Why is Manmohan trying to upset the cart of reform that he is credited to initiate? Can’t he understand the mood of the people?

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