Anpadh, Ganwar and Nalayak

Om Puri called MPs ‘anpadh’, ‘ganwaar’, ‘nalayak’. Angry parliamentarians moved privilege motion. Speaker has admitted. Are these words unparliamentarian?

Anpadh is one who is not educated. According to Lalu, ‘bidya se buddhi nahin aati, buddhi se bidya aati hai’, that means intelligence does not come out of education, education comes out of intelligence. And all MPs have the intelligence, where as the highly educated Anna team are only educated. Unfortunately, Lalu doesn’t practise the famous Sanskrit sloka that says ‘bidya dadati binayam’ that means ‘education must give humility’.

Ganwaar is one with traits of the villagers. It, in English, can only mean those who don’t know the urban manners.

Nalayak is one who is not conformist.

Why did the two stalwarts from Bihar got so excited. Moreover, the parliamentarians must understand the anger and perception of the people at Ramlila and change themselves by their deeds.

Saturday August 27, was a special historic day for the country. Both houses were discussing a very serious issue that was to decide if Anna Hazare on a hunger strike for 12 days would break his fast. The whole country, for a change, was watching Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV channels that day. Both, the leader of the house, Pranab Babu and the leader of opposition delivered one of the best speeches. The others also followed almost with the same gusto.

But when Sharad Yadav came to speak, he decided to play jester for the MPs. He mocked in his typical rustic manner Anna Team members even naming some. He didn’t spare even digital media. Lalu followed Sharad Yadav and kept on entertaining MPs. Many of MPs kept on asking for more.

I give below some samples:

“One former police officer is lampooning us…. She will teach us politics…. She has enjoyed the benefits of government service while we have been on the streets and struggled.” Everyone can guess the person he referred. Can he be compared with her?

“People here roam around India Gate with their dogs, eat ice creams and then decide to go to Ramlila.” Will Sharad still hold to his perception?

And in his further exasperation, Sharad attacked at small screen, “Ye dabba has robbed us of our night sleep. Please do something and shut them.”

And look at the Lalu’s advice.

Sab khela NGO ka hai (NGOs are behind everything). Keep NGOs out of Lokpal and the agitation will end.”

At least the actors from the Anna’s stage didn’t say anything so clearly against a particular MP.

Why do the trio of Bihar- Sharad, Lalu, and Ram Bilash keep on self- aggrandizing or play the same divisive cards of injustice to the minority, dalit and reservation every time and every where? Has corruption anything to do with that. Why can’t Lalu and Ram Bilash reconcile that they are failed leaders even in their own state and getting more and more into as historical figures with no contemporary relevance?

And it is not only me who thought so poorly of these two stalwarts from Bihar. Why should they keep on tarnishing the image of Bihar?

I wish the parliamentarians give up the idea of taking up the priviledge motion.

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