I had called OP Khanna to acknowledge his mail inviting for the golden jubilee meet of our batch mates of IIT. He mentioned in that the special significance of the occasion by reminding that ‘as we are all 70 and above, we don’t know when we meet next’. I mentioned to him not to bother: ‘We will meet perhaps in that ultimate much better or real challenging place, designed by the Almighty’. He understood and we laughed for some time.

As I look back, I realise that I have lived my life in semesters. Most of the semesters are now part of history. It started with a tribal childhood in the rural remote village. It had been exciting. Each semester, be it in the ever shifting school of Pipra, in Birlapur Vidyalaya of the industrial town on the bank of Hooghly River, in the prestigious Presidency College now University, Calcutta, or in the first Indian Institute of Technology started in Hijli prison premises celebrating its diamond jubilee this year, and then in the automobile manufacturing company of Hindustan Motors that pioneered car making, have been unique. I battled and enjoyed each of them well. I am now in the end semesters with its own surprises and excitement as well as small little skirmishes. I don’t know where it will end, and what will I score and how will I be judged. But as it will be others to judge, so I hardly bother.

Thanks a lot to all who have wished me on the occasion and also to those who would have wished but forgotten to do that. As I do. Thanks again.

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