Man Mohan and Sonia: Be Decisive; Run or Quit

A question constantly haunts me. Should Man Mohan Singh be compared with other politician prime ministers that India had till date? Is not he at the best a CEO appointed by Congress Party or more correctly by Sonia Gandhi?

I am sure, for all the bureaucrats and the congress men Sonia Gandhi is the boss. Man Mohan only goes by his wonderfully developed perfect telepathic communication with Sonia Gandhi. How long the country men be kept under confusion? How long would the country go on getting ranked at the bottom of the rankings of transparency Index?

Today, it has become almost necessary for the country to have an effective and independent prime minister who can not only mull but implement and administer his ideas. If it doesn’t happen, no amount of freebies through popular schemes such as NREGA or food security can make the country grow for the people at the bottom of the pyramid.

Man Mohan must have the mandate and guts of Nitish Kumar to confiscate the property and the wealth laundered by any one in public service, be it politician or bureaucrats, or from the respected services or judiciary.

With the corruption scams and scandals covering all the media demoralizing and nullifying the advantage of the demographic dividend, Man Mohan must decide and act. Many including his great supporter Khuswant Singh and modern Ved Vyas expect him to speak out and break his silence. Many have started questioning.

B.S. Raghavan has written: “It should cause no surprise if “the question, “What to do with Dr Manmohan Singh?” has for some time been the burning topic of cogitation among Ms Sonia Gandhi, her family members and close circle of friends and advisers.

I expect him to act as a CEO without any fear and save the nation from the dilemma. He has already wasted his six years.

And let Sonia Gandhi be decisive about Rahul Gandhi and allow him to prove if he can be better than his father and grandparents, as Sonia has already pushed his uncle out of the history book of Congress party.

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