From Cary to New York

After many years, I was in a plane that normally scares me. As per plan, we were to leave Anand’s place positively at 5AM and we did. I had to dispense with my short night sleep that I go for at this age. Anand had come down much before I could give a wake call as promised and so did Shannon.

It’s really becoming more and more difficult to live with dear ones for some days and then get parted, and particularly if there is someone like Zach. He had become indispensable for me in these two or more months. Fortunately, both Emma and Zach were sleeping.

It’s GPS that made the drive the shortest bring us to Raleigh Airport in hardly 15 minutes when it had taken much more in a dry run a day before. Raleigh is a nice airport with all facilities. American security checks didn’t trouble us as we were mentally prepared. I only wonder if it can save a disaster if some insane brains with no heart really work for it. Are we escaping the repeat of 9/11 because of these insane checks, the fear of getting trapped, or the realization of its futility?

At JFK, I lost the way out path to ‘baggage claim’ because of messy management in Delta’s terminal and got nervous for few seconds with no gadgets in hand for communication. However, it was very short. We found Rajesh and baggage too.

After Svanik returned from school, it became all normal for me. He is no more that shy one and comes very close.

In evening, Anand came on Skype for getting us see and talk with Zach and Emma. I found Zach totally amazed. He didn’t utter a word. Ultimately he lied down on floor with his face down. It was just heart breaking. It’s just unbelievable.

It is really difficult to understand a child at Zach’s age.

But we have to keep moving. I don’t know if I will ever get back the same Zach as I didn’t in case of Emma. Perhaps I shall have to live by cherishing the memories of the last two months or more with Zach and all his acts that were so dear and enjoyable.

And I had written few days back

अच्छा लगता है इनका
बालसुलभ कलरव
और कभी कभी का जलजला

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