‘Three Idiots’-My Comments

It appeared at one time as if I would not be able to watch the movie that I wanted before making some comments. Finally we made it on Monday, perhaps after two weeks. It has already made a record collection till date for bollywood movies. However, the Monday crowd convinced me that the movie will be making some landmark that with be something like Sachin’s centuries.

The movie’s Mission is the same what Prof Yaspal, Sam Pitroda and Sibal have been talking: De-stress students, allow them to follow their hearts rather than imposing your ambitions, focus on encouraging creativity among the student community, and many good things. Unfortunately, we in taking pride in the rote capacity of individuals citing the way Vedas survived.

I had four reasons to go for it:

It showed three of the grassroots innovations coming out of the three real-life brains-a Kerala teen, an Uttar Pradesh barber and a Maharashtra painter.

o Remya Jose (20), a student from Kerala’s Malappuram district, created the exercycle-cum-washing-machine when her mother was ill and father had cancer. The Discovery Channel shot a video of her invention, now a YouTube hit.

o Mohammed Idris (32), a class V dropout and a barber from western Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district, invented a cycle-powered horse clipper that pares equine hair in half the time that it takes hard-to-find electric shavers.

o Jehangir Painter (49), a painter from north Maharashtra’s Jalgaon town, put together a scooter-powered flour mill to relieve his wife from the tedium of blackout-induced three-hour waits for wheat to be ground.
The second encouragement came from the extensive media coverage of the complaint of Chetam Bhagat, the writer and the shadow battle of words on small screen.

And then the news of IIT, Kharagpur deciding to screen the movie on campus for all its 8000 or so students came. I thought my younger friends of the profession must be having a great reason for this unprecedented step.

Finally, Rajesh and many face book friends commented very favourably and I did never wish to remain far behind.

However, I find it difficult to watch movie these days because of too loud standard of the multiplexes. I fail to appreciate the present day’s movie with almost no story content and what the producer director wish to convey. Let me confess I did neither like Amir’s Ghazini nor Shahrukh’s Om Shanti Om.

After watching ‘Three Idiots’, I have some comments to make. I would have liked it more if the film would not have presented the director or the principal of the college as almost joker. It could have been better if the character would have remained the head of the department. The directors of a ranked institute are mostly outstanding. Perhaps the director never thought about it.

I would have liked if the filmmaker would have provided few more minutes to show the grassroots innovations mentioned above. It’s shown in hurry. Many will never notice it. I heard the producer offered Rs 10,000 to each of those grassroots innovators. I would have been delighted if the filmmaker would have handed over at least five lakh each. It would have been a great moral booster for the persons at that level. And how would have it mattered for a film maker earning in hundreds of crores?

The film is really good. It is educative with pretty good entertainment too. I hope somehow every student attending coaching institutes for JEE and other competitive examinations and all aspiring parents would have watched the ‘Thee Idiots’ with a positive mindset.

Anil Gupta, Honey Bee’s founder and professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) also hopes the film to promote innovation in India. I wish the producer would have arranged a special show for persons such the former president Kalam, Man Mohan Singh and the directors of the top 100 engineering colleges of the country.

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