India’s Priority: temple, terror, or turbine

BJP has again revived the slogan to build a magnificent temple for Lord Ram in Ayodhya. Unfortunately, neither BJP nor its allied institutions such Vishwa Hindu Parishad talk about huge lot of money collected for the temple. Even the devotees are meek enough to raise this question. Who stops them to build a temple grander than Akshardham temple that has come up near Delhi and has become a must for all the visitors to Delhi? Why should it not come up on the bank of Gomti on a suitable location with all the inputs of the 21st century and become the land mark for Ayodhya that becomes a must for all visiting the country of Rama just as TajMahal? I am sure even the Muslims of the country will provide the helping hands. The project can integrate the countrymen. As such with so many temples in the country, I am not in favour of building some more. Instead, the resources can be used for building a grand university, perhaps the largest and the best in the world. Can BJP come out with some innovative ideas to achieve universal education and healthcare for all within four years of the rule if they win?

The fight to end the terror of all sorts, be it from jihadis, naxalites, or other regional groups is a national issue and all political parties must talk in one tone to wipe that out. If the country can’t assure the peace and keep on allowing the violent protests and agitations in name of democratic rights, India must forget to have a respectful place in the world economy.

And by turbine I mean the power. The government has completely failed this basic necessity to its citizens. How can a country think of moving ahead with this shortage of power? How can a country live with one BHEL to supply equipment? The NDA failed, and the UPA has been worse. Be it nuclear, thermal, hydro, or alternative sources such as wind or sun, the people must get electric power they need. And I don’t mean to waste by providing that free as the politicians do. Will the political parties come to a consensus that hereafter no power will be given free to waste? And this free power is wasting our water resources too by over irrigating.

But who will do that? India is still to search for its Obama who can at least instill some hope. India doesn’t lack talent. If the junior Ambanis can excel after the death of the legendary Dhirubhai, why can’t so many of the young MPs who got elected, but have never done anything remarkable enough to be noticed by all with hope and pride.

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