Chinese Quality- Myth or Reality

I have a respect for the Chinese, the way they have gone in manufacturing. This time, I find, American stores and households having almost everything manufactured in China. The other day Anand and Shannon bought a frying pan. After a careful observation at home, they found its cover not matching because it was deshaped at periphery. But as usual, no American bothers about the poor quality of the Chinese products. Anand went and got it changed. However, I never had any idea that China has been exporting processed food products that also milk-based ones too. The reports about the Chinese ‘killing milk’ have appeared from New York Times to Business Week.

The Chinese didn’t traditionally used milk extensively as it is done in India. But with the splendid GDP growth of China, the Chinese farmers had taken up dairy farming for extra earning in big way and china was exporting milk products too. As it appears from recent milk contamination reports in media, more than 20 countries have banned the Chinese dairy products.

The stories of poor quality products and dangerous fakes from China are pretty popular with Western media persons. I had come across that last time too. Nothing much has changed in China or US since then. US and for that matter almost the world have become dependent on the Chinese in many ways. With all the problems of quality or piracy, the Chinese share in trade of every commodity has kept on increasing.

Is the concern in Western media really genuine? Perhaps Americans at large don’t bother much? They keep on buying, returning or trashing the Chinese products without much concern. For them, there are no alternatives to this.

A recent report talks about the counterfeit, defective computer components from China are getting into U.S. warplanes and ships that may be dangerous to the country’s security. But perhaps US can even afford that. Many like Yasheng Huang, a professor at Massachusetts Institutes of Technology keep on coming out with their doubts about the Chinese story, but China keeps on gaining remarkable heights in every field of activities, be its Olympics or the space walk. And one can’t and mustn’t doubt its quality of education, governance or manufacturing.

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