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Bihar- what is there to write?

After revealing all my dreams of a developed Bihar for so many years now, I feel lost and morose. With the tenure of Nitish slipping fast, I try to solace me with a question to me. Why did I think … Continue reading

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Professors Entrepreneurs

During my school days, my grandfather used to talk about Dr. PC Roy and his Bengal Chemicals. Prafulla Chandra Roy was perhaps one of the first professors in India who was also a successful entrepreneur. I don’t know why many … Continue reading

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Engineering Education: Some Questions

Man Mohan Singh in his Independence Day speech today from the rampart of Red Fort said, “We are establishing 6,000 new high quality model schools, with at least one school in each block. 373 new colleges are being opened in … Continue reading

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Blog, Bachchan, and Bachhe

>Any blogger must be craving for a lot of readership. As I keep on writing on varying subjects of my interests, I dobn’t expect many. And again many a times, my viewpoints are pretty harsh and caustic that many may … Continue reading

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God has been very kind to me. He has bestowed on me what was the best for me. What more I would have got: a supporting wife,three lovable sons, beautiful daughters-in-laws, and cute grand daughters and grand sons living near … Continue reading

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Ma.. Maya.. Maya Devi or Maya Memshahib: Carpet Bombing for PM Chair

It is nothing new. Since good old days, some elites, mostly of higher caste have made king out of commoner. As history tells, an enraged Brahmin Chanakya made the son of a low caste woman the first emperor of India … Continue reading

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The Bunty Syndrome and Dhoni Effect

<img src="; title="" border="0" > Top Moradabad Hotel and Bottom inside of Ludhiana resort Have you heard of it? If you are pursuing ‘marketing’ as major subject for your MBA, or if you are in marketing job and wish to … Continue reading

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Beijing Olympics- Some Aspects with Difference

The Beijing Olympics opened today, the eighth day of the eighth month of 2008 at 8 minutes and 8 seconds past 8 PM Beijing Time. Chinese have not only built physical infrastructures, but also controlled pollution around the locations that … Continue reading

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Why am I hopeful on Indian Economy?

Rangrajan, a former governor of RBI predicts slowdown of GDP growth to 7-8%. Inflation has gone highest in last 13 years. But many like me feel hopeful about the Indian economy. I see many rain bearing clouds all over the … Continue reading

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Monsoon, Water Scarcity and Just-in-time Irrigation

Since my childhood, I have seen canals as a means of irrigation (images). However, as I remember, it was never a reliable means. In days of draught with rain god failing the farmers, it never provided the water so badly … Continue reading

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