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Tata Motors’ Nano Dream and Miserable Mamta – Some Afterthoughts

What Prakash Karat did to Man Mohan, Mamta is doing to Buddha. It was Indo-US Nuclear deal there, here it’s Buddha’s dream to revitalize West Bengal’s image as industry-friendly state with Tata Motors Rs 1600 crore ‘Nano’ manufacturing plant. In … Continue reading

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Mamta Mercy and Nano

Tata Motors’ ‘Nano’ has suddenly and certainly put Indians’ innovation capability at higher platform along with the best in world. Many articles by western economists in media and their presentations at International conferences refer to ‘Nano’ as symbol of this … Continue reading

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Car Engine Undergoes Innovational Transformation

To keep the global warming under check and for making the cars fuel-efficient and green, perhaps the maximum contribution can come through innovations in power train or engine. Engine being mechanical unit with many parts with combustion chambers as the … Continue reading

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Bihar- what is there to write?

After revealing all my dreams of a developed Bihar for so many years now, I feel lost and morose. With the tenure of Nitish slipping fast, I try to solace me with a question to me. Why did I think … Continue reading

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Professors Entrepreneurs

During my school days, my grandfather used to talk about Dr. PC Roy and his Bengal Chemicals. Prafulla Chandra Roy was perhaps one of the first professors in India who was also a successful entrepreneur. I don’t know why many … Continue reading

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Engineering Education: Some Questions

Man Mohan Singh in his Independence Day speech today from the rampart of Red Fort said, “We are establishing 6,000 new high quality model schools, with at least one school in each block. 373 new colleges are being opened in … Continue reading

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Blog, Bachchan, and Bachhe

>Any blogger must be craving for a lot of readership. As I keep on writing on varying subjects of my interests, I dobn’t expect many. And again many a times, my viewpoints are pretty harsh and caustic that many may … Continue reading

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