Blog, Bachchan, and Bachhe

>Any blogger must be craving for a lot of readership. As I keep on writing on varying subjects of my interests, I dobn’t expect many. And again many a times, my viewpoints are pretty harsh and caustic that many may not like. However, I always expect that those who like my views will try to pass on to their friends and then the cycle repeats. Thereby, a group of people of similar views may get established and grow.

Stories that are personal certainly will have only few to read. But I expect my dear ones to at least look into my blog to keep on updating about my mental direction or also to get some glimpses from my life.

As it appears there is at least one person who goes through my blog religiously. She is Shannon, my youngest daughter-in-law. I know it must be pretty difficult for her these days to find time, but perhaps that is her uniqueness. I get a heavenly pleasure when she asks or gets asked a question from inside the body of the entries.

I got a little sentimental when I went through in media about the concern of Abhishek Bachchan about his father’s blog.

What really gets him hassled is his father not writing his blog regularly. One Mandvi Sharma of Times News Network reported this story:

There is something that gets AB’s baby (Abhishek) upset – “when dad doesn’t write his blog,” Abhishek exclaims. “I want to wake up in the morning and log on to the blog. Just his talent for writing makes the blog an everyday part of my life. He is my father, so I know these things about him, but I love the way he writes. Even as a kid, he would teach me how to write essays and letters. For fans to get to know the workings of his mind, and that it’s been put across in writing, is wonderful.”

Shannon gets worried when she doesn’t find my entry, as I keep on writing something almost every day. Once she asked Anand to find out if it was all well with me here in India when she didn’t find my entries for few days. Anand replied, “Dad and mom must have quarreled so is the miss.” Shannon said, “No, when papa and mummy fights, papa puts in more entries.” Perhaps she had understood my mind better. When they narrated the story, both of us, myself and Yamuna laughed and got touched.

With so many whom you knew or know, hardly few try to understand you rightly. It’s difficult world and more difficult is the relationships. Words don’t express what one wishes to convey.

I am not a busy man. Big B is. Big B must have hundred and one reasons for not keeping the discipline of putting an entry in regularly. But I have none.

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