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India Must Stand to China

Anand gave me Harvard Business Review’s December, 2007 issue that he brought. It has an article by Tarun Khanna– ‘China+India: The Power of Two’. Tarun Khanna has been writing on these two Asian countries for long. He says in the … Continue reading

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Bharat Ratna for Ratan Tata

I think the countrymen must express their opinion about the raping of the system by politicians to have their selfish motives met. None of the politicians deserve to be awarded the highest recognition for the service to the nation. How … Continue reading

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Emma- The Special

By now most of my readers must have come to know why my blogs are short, and on many days, it doesn’t appear even. I have my sweet little angel to play with for just few days. We are meeting … Continue reading

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January 10, 2008 was a special day for the Indian manufacturing industry. It had never happened. A new product has covered the front pages of all newspapers in India. Media all over the globe covered the news of a small … Continue reading

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Kolkata – City of Joy from Shannon’s Eyes

We were in Kolkata as Anand wanted to go around the places he was born and grew. One always gets a nostalgic pleasure going down the memory lane. It is more so when there is someone to share the feelings. … Continue reading

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Eminenet Scientists-Then Why not Now?

I do consider myself a well-read person, but I don’t know anyone else but Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala of IIT, Madras and Anil K Gupta of IIM- Ahmedabad. I am afraid, most of the people in our country are hardly aware … Continue reading

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Innovating India-1

Much before Ratan Tata announced his project of Rs 1 lakh car, I used to have discussions with my friends about an Rs 1lakh tractor. I wrote too. Few months ago, I heard of one company that had started offering … Continue reading

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