Bharat Ratna for Ratan Tata

I think the countrymen must express their opinion about the raping of the system by politicians to have their selfish motives met. None of the politicians deserve to be awarded the highest recognition for the service to the nation. How can persons such as Devilal, NT RamaRao, Jyoti Basu, and of all Prakash Singh Badal be even considered for the award? It is unfortunate that Advani whom I don’t rate very high for opening the hornet’s nest by recommending the name of Atal Bihari Bajpai for the award. As reported, BJD is writing to the Centre for conferring the highest civilian honour on Biju Patnaik. RJD demanded the award for former Bihar CM and socialist leader Karpoori Thakur and Ramvilas Paswan wants it for Jagjivan Ram, Mohammed Rafi and Marathi thinker Jyotiba Phule. And how can Mayawati remain behind in the race? She demands Kansiram’s name for the award. I am sure some of the sycophants of these political leaders will demand the award for these leaders too. More unfortunate is that Atalji has not snubbed Advani for this act. With that perhaps these demands would have stopped and his image would have got a boost. I wish he had done that.

I don’t like Shiv Sena as political party with so narrow band of nationality rather I hate it. However, I am with it for its suggestion to award Bharat Ratna to Ratan Tata, as reported in Metro Today.

It is not only Ratan Tata’s dream car Nano that has created a stir all over the world about the capability of India to revolutionize the auto sector. Can one imagine of the day when ‘Nano‘ goes global and becomes the darling in all the middle-class households of the so-called poor countries of the world that may be in billions? That will be the biggest challenge and opportunity for the managers of Tata Motors. Ratan Tata’s way of dreaming and executing the dreams started with ‘Indica’, the first real Indian car, ACE and now Nano has turned Tata Motors into a globally watched company,

Ratan Tata through his other companies can bring similar revolutions in those sectors. TCS and Tata Steel are already globally well placed. TCS is reaching in almost all the known countries. Tata Teleservices will soon have a valuation of about $20 billion. Tata AutoComp Systems (soon to be just Tata Auto Components) popularly known as TACO makes $1 billion (Rs 4,000 crore) in revenues making auto components at its 24 plants. TACO would like to be an end-to-end service contract player, from design through manufacturing to delivery. And who knows very soon one day Tata Motors with TCS and its other manufacturing units become the leading consulting and engineering service provider of automobile plants of the world.

Tata has done and is doing some real great philanthropic works too for the society.

Ratan Tata is a real Bharat Ratna whether India government and its system recognizes him or not. I don’t know why media and judiciary don’t take up such issues. But why should Ratan Tata bother about the award? Let the politicians keep on fighting on the issue. However, the system of the award must make it apolitical to get the respectability.

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