Success Stories That Inspire

I don’t know why the media has given quite a bit of coverage for the success stories of those who succeeded in the civil services exams this year. At least some of the stories present very impressive performance from the boys coming out from just ordinary families with little means and cracking the toughest examination in the first attempt itself. That is really great. Here are some such performers from Bihar.

Sujit Kumar Singh stood 132nd in the civil services exams. His father, Bhagwan Singh, is a BMP-5 (Bihar Military Police) havildar, who comes from a village in Rohtas. Sujit could do what his father dreamt. Sujit graduated from Hindu College. He missed UPSC last year by five points. As reported, his police father was his inspiration to become an IPS officer, and Sujit aspires to do something for his village. I wish Sujit kept up the promise about his village. Interestingly, Sujit is one among many who leave Bihar for better education environment and excel.

Sanjay Kumar Singh is another student from Bihar is from Paiga village in Bhojpur district. Sanjay ranked 43rd. His father Dadan Prasad Singh is a court clerk in Sasaram.

Interestingly, both Sujit and Sanjay are from the same region of the old Shahabad district of Bihar.

Deepak Anand, who stood 55th in the merit list is the son of a farmer from Sitamarhi district and Deepak was a post-graduate topper in philosophy from Patna University.

I don’t know how many of the successful candidates are from Bihar, or for that matter, statewise. Media in Bihar and other state must cover their stories with all details and publish. That will certainly be service for the students and parents of the states.

Two things are certain that the opportunities are there and the spirited young men are availing. Finance is no more a big problem for an aspiring person to attain his goal.

Some other success stories from the other parts of the country are equally great in dimensions.

Narayan Prasad Jaiswal gives out rickshaws on contract, and does not know what IAS means. His son Govind Jaiswal qualified for the civil services, coming 48th. It was difficult for his father to believe that ‘Govinda’ would become a “collector saheb”.
Living in a 12×8 sq ft rented room on the first floor of a house at Usmanpura, Varanasi, for the past 35 years, his father had been spending most of his earning on his son’s education. After graduating from a local college in 2003, Govinda shifted to New Delhi to prepare for the civil services and has cracked it in his first attempt. Is it not a great performance?

Mohammed Qaisar, 29, is son of power loom labourer Abdul Haque, of Malegaon, Mumbai. He ranked 32nd and all this without attending any coaching classes. ”However, he failed in the personality test in three previous attempts, but then made up this time.”
The family stood by Qaisar, fourth among 11 siblings, when he failed in initial attempts.

Vinod Bahade, the son of an illiterate father and Class-III pass mother, and from a poor family of Visapur village on Chandrapur-Ballarshah road in Vidarbha cleared civil services exam and got 254th position. His family owns a tiny shop selling biscuits and candy. After clearing class XII, Vinod got admission to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital to become a doctor. Vinod was posted in the interior of Gadchiroli district, but soon he quit the job to qualify for the civil services. Here is one doctor charmed by the lust of civil services.

I am sure if they happen to meet our President, Kalam to take his blessings after getting into this coveted service, his advise would have been:

“Promise that you shall not get allured to do a wrong thing against the interest of the people and the nation against all temptations of cash and kinds offered by the vested interest.”

And if they ask me, I shall tell them, particularly those from Bihar:

“Don’t get yourself sold and resist the temptation of dowry.”

“God has bestowed on you an opportunity to serve the country and its people. As a collector of a district, you get a responsibility bigger than the CEO of any big company of the country to change the destiny of the people there.”

“Be an example.”

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