Dragon of China

Usually everyone gets afraid of a dragon. Is that the reason that the word dragon is so popularly used with China?

The two news from India and US may provide the clue for the fear of dragon and China.

“The import prices of truck and bus tyres from China are even lower than our raw material costs, and we are convinced that a lot of dumping happens in India,” says an ATMA official in India.

And a NYT feature says, “An Export Boom Suddenly Facing a Quality Crisis Weeks after tainted Chinese pet food ingredients killed and sickened thousands of dogs and cats in the United States, this country is facing growing international pressure to prove that its food exports are safe to eat. But simmering beneath the surface is a thornier problem that worries Chinese officials: how to assure the world that this is not a nation of counterfeits and that “Made in China” means well made.”

How much of these are genuine a complaint? Is it because of free trade and globalisation?

Is China using American tool to be on the top in trade?

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